From 2025, Honda will have a dedicated platform for electric vehicles

From 2025, Honda will have a dedicated platform for electric vehicles

26 APR, 2023@13:00 WIB | 178 comments

Honda seems to be serious about the electric car segment which is environmentally friendly. In fact, starting in 2025, Honda will prepare a special platform for medium to large electric vehicles.

Reported by Motor1, Wednesday (26/4/2023), Honda’s action to present a special platform for electric cars is one of their big plans in dominating the electric car market. In developing this special EV platform, of course, Honda will take it seriously.

This Japanese brand has also presented various technology experts who will support the development of this platform. Among them are engineers who take care of driving and propulsion technology, to technologists who take care of various advanced aspects related to the software and radar of the autonomous vehicle.

As a first step, they will develop several factories in the United States to support the development of this platform. Along with their partnership with LG for their electric car battery suppliers will also be further improved on this new platform.

In the future, Honda’s electric car platform in the North American market will be aimed at mid-size and large-size cars. After that, they will expand their development to the Japanese market targeting small cars such as kei.

And what is not so important, Honda said that this electric car platform will later be sold worldwide. With this step, they are expected to be able to compete in the global electric vehicle market, which is growing rapidly. [edo/timBX]