French sci-fi miniseries ‘Infiniti’ premieres Sunday (21) on AMC

French sci-fi miniseries ‘Infiniti’ premieres Sunday (21) on AMC

Directed by Thierry Poiraud, the film will be shown on Sunday at 10 pm

The French science fiction series “Infiniti” will premiere next Sunday, 08/21, at 10 pm, on AMC. Written and directed by Thierry Poiraud, the plot follows, in six episodes, astronaut Anna (Celine Sallette) and police officer Isaak (Daniyar Alshinov), who together initiate an investigation involving an international space station whose crew has gone missing.

During the series, the International Space Station (ISS) was silent. Workers are at risk. Meanwhile, Isaac Turgun, a police officer, discovers a decapitated body covered in wax on a roof in Kazakhstan. There is no doubt: the body belongs to American astronaut Anthony Kurz (Lexsh Rapnel), who was on the ISS mission.

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Meanwhile, French astronaut Anna Zarathi, who started an affair with Kurz six months ago, is convinced she is asking the ISS for help. From there on, Anna turns to the mission to save Kurz before he dies to solve the mission. In the process, he forms an unlikely partnership with Isaac to conduct his own investigations. This raises a strange possibility: Could Kurz be in both places at once?

All episodes of the service will also be available on the VoD services that AMC offers in its programming. The program is repeated on Tuesdays, at 9 pm.