Franchise Price Under 100 Million?  Here’s the List!

Franchise Price Under 100 Million? Here’s the List! – Do you want to try running a business but are confused about how to start and think about a business concept? You can try a brokerage business for less than 100 million below.

The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia of the Republic of Indonesia defines Franchise business as a franchise business or a business concept where the brand owner grants a license to sell their products and their intellectual property under a contractual agreement.

Franchise business is considered easier for beginners than starting their own business because the brands are usually known and known to the public.

See the list of franchise businesses under 100 million collected by in the following Franchise and Licensing Expo Indonesia (FLEI) exhibitions.

Thick Toast – IDR 65 million


This local F&B business offering modern toast was born in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Thick Toast offers a collaborative concept with the hope of providing high-quality tasting toast from different countries around the world.

The price of this collaboration from the brand under the sponsorship of Infiniti Group costs IDR 65 million with an ROI (Return of Investment) of 5-6 months. This partnership is also equipped with various supports such as free raw materials, operational support system, and full marketing support.

Rancak Go – IDR 35 million

One of the brands under the sponsorship of the Infiniti Group, Rancak Go, which is the first joint venture company in Indonesia, costs their partnership program phase 1 at the price of Rp. 35 million after a discount of Rp. 50 million. With the modern concept of Padang, this franchise is owned by Chef Fajar Alam, who graduated from MasterChef Indonesia season 6.

Apart from Rancak Go, it was noted that Fajar already has various businesses such as Crispy Lele restaurant which has been in existence since 2010. The 1st stage venture package from Rancak Go provides an opportunity for those who want to run a modern Nasi Padang business. free 100 parts of raw materials for the first 10 partners.

Taliwang Ayu – IDR 75 million


Apart from Rancak Go and Thick Toast, Infiniti Group also offers a roast chicken business called Taliwang Ayu. By paying a partnership fee of IDR 75 million, you can get various benefits such as brand license fee for 3 years, 70 initial raw materials, kitchen equipment, and training on SOPs.

Apart from that, this investment package from Infiniti Group will also provide promotions and influencer advertising, postal systems and marketing tools for business partners.

Forever Chicken – IDR 39.9 million


With the theme of Jagonya Ayam Merah, the Chicken Forever collaboration is priced at IDR 39.9 million. The brand owned by Rian D’Masiv is the number 1 chicken coop business in Indonesia which was launched in July 2022.

Ayam Forever has more than 100 stores in just 7 months and is now introducing a new concept The Greatest Chicken Ever. Ayam Forever’s co-op concept costs IDR 39.9 million, with a booth and cooking utensils.

Mie Ayam Bengkel – starting at IDR 35 million

The Mie Ayam Bengkel partnership offers a ready-to-sell business package worth IDR 35 million and a complete chicken noodle plus meatball franchise package worth IDR 65 million. By purchasing ready-to-sell packages, business partners can get complete equipment for selling Bengkel Chicken Noodles such as noodle carts, stoves, posters, flyers, tables, and so on. You also need to pay for 1x license forever with no renewal fees.

Boothcin Indonesia – starting from IDR 29.7 million


Boothcin Indonesia under the sponsorship of JR Corp opened a brokerage business package that until now and various brands such as Boothcin Coffee, Esthetic, Potacin, Macarin, Meeriang, Soft Gelato, Coconut Sparling, Ayang, Float, and Ace Gelato.

Boothcin offers several price packages under IDR 100 million, such as Standard Package IDR 29.7 million (for Boothcin Coffee, Estehtik, Potacin, Macarin, Meeriang brand partnerships), Advance Package (for Boothcin Coffee, Estehtik, Potacin, Macarin, brands). Meeriang, Coconut Sparkling, and Ayang), and Premium Packages (with brand collaboration Boothcin Coffee, Esthetic, Potacin, Macarin, Meeriang, Coconut Sparkling, Soft Gelato, Ayang, and Float)

Shimura – from IDR 25 million

Franchise under 100 million (Photo:

Japanese catering businesses are really in high demand by the public, this opportunity is taken advantage of by Shimura Indonesia, which offers business rental packages at affordable prices starting from IDR 25 million.

This franchise with takoyaki and okonomiyaki products offers two business packages, namely the Takashirame Package for IDR 25 million and the Takashihappy Package for IDR 75 million. By purchasing the Takashirame package, you can get a booth, complete vending equipment, uniform, refrigerator , initial raw materials, up to 100 pcs of training and brochures.

For those who just want to earn income or open a car test business, Shimura also offers the Takashihappy package with the opportunity to earn IDR 7.8 million to IDR 156 million per month. [fa]