Foxtron: Foxconn makes cars

Foxtron: Foxconn makes cars

What will happen soon has been official since the summer of 2021. Foxconn, large and known as the contract manufacturer of Apple iPhone, is under the automatic manufacturer. On the technology day in Taiwan, the company officially launched Hon Hai Precision Inc. Co., Ltd. This means that in October 2021 he will be presenting his concrete plans, and at that time, he will be presenting three self-developed models that remember their model names of Ford and Tesla. A year later, two more vehicles were presented at the 2022 Hon Hai Technology Day.

Foxtron C. Electric SUV

Foxconn also doesn’t think too much when it comes to company names: Foxtron is the name of a joint venture founded about a year ago by Yulon Motor Group, also based in Taiwan. In the part of the SUV boom world, the Foxtron will arrive in 2023 with a 460 hp Model C engine. The Foxtron C should finish from zero to one hundred in 3.8 seconds. The Taiwanese set a maximum of 700 km. A minimum coefficient of 0.27 helps to achieve this value. the price? It is equal to 30 thousand euros.

Hon Hai Precision Co., Ltd.

The first Foxtron model to launch will be the Model C SUV in 2023.

This electric car is 4.64 meters long and has a reduced design. The front view in the lower area has a large air intake, and the side extensions extend upwards in the shape of a C. Above this is a thin line with the brand letters, followed by lamps that extend further to the sides. The appearance of the front hood indicates that it is made of carbon. The wheels also provide a material design and are surrounded by black wheel arches. The color of the passenger compartment is different from the rest of the body. Foxtron only wants to take a small role in the technical part. As a result, this SUV with a wheelbase of 2.86 meters can carry up to seven people and their belongings.

Foxtron Model E electric sedan

The Foxtron E model is based on the same platform as the electric SUV; The electric sedan is aimed squarely at well-known competitors like the Tesla Model S, Lucid Air or Mercedes EQS. The car was made in collaboration with Pininfarina and the front at a distance from the C: the brand logo is missing, but under the continuous strip of lights. The E also boasts a seamless front design and can communicate with the outside world there and back.

With its data, the Foxtron sedan fits perfectly into the competitive environment: it produces 760 horses and should accelerate from zero to hundreds in 2.8 seconds, and the Chinese promise a range of 750 kilometers. and modern digital solutions such as facial recognition and device integration seamlessly mobile, which is why the E model is ideal as a mobile office.

Foxtron Model T electric city bus

Foxtron’s next electric vehicle, the Model T, is an all-electric city bus. The Taiwanese especially emphasize the practical side of this. For example, heat-resistant and long-lasting batteries, torque-resistant and safe designs, and 25 percent higher capacity. Foxtron sets a top speed of 120 km/h.

Hon Hai Precision Co., Ltd.

The Model T is an electric city bus whose main strength is power.

Compact Foxtron Model B from 2024

The now introduced Foxtron Model B is scheduled to go on sale in 2024. Design and technical support for the Model B comes from Italian development partner Pininfarina. The five-door hatchback, whose styling matches rivals such as the MG4 Electric, VW ID.3 and Cupra Born, resembles the Jaguar I-Pace. Its length is 4.30 meters, wheelbase of five seats is 2.80 meters. It has a width of 1.87 meters and a height of 1.53 meters. The face of the Model B is made up of a two-level headlight, and the daytime running lights are arranged in a thin strip that runs down the side of the hood, while the LED lights are at the bottom.

Foxconn Foxtron Model B


Foxconn claims a drag coefficient of 0.26 for the B model. This is enabled, among other things, by aerodynamic wings on the D-struts, cameras instead of exterior mirrors, ergonomic door handles and a vented front hood. Surface lights on the rear lights, which, together with a wide strip of light, capture the front structure, can help the communication between the car and its surroundings, for example at pedestrian crossings. The large skylight, which is directly connected to the windshield, gives the room a lot of light and a feeling of luxury. The range should be around 450 km, with Foxconn relying on a solid battery. The race time is 6.6 seconds. However, the manufacturer has not provided additional information about the car.

The Model B’s cockpit view is dominated by a centrally located 15.6-inch touchscreen. Small screens to the left and right of the dash display images from the exterior mirror cameras. There is a small screen behind the steering wheel with three speakers.

Foxtron V Wiring Diagram

Foxconn Foxtron Model V Pickup


Foxtron wants to compete in the one-ton class with the V Pick-up.

But Foxconn is also looking to enter the mid-size electric pickup market – and the Model V has now been introduced. The one-ton model has a three-ton trailer payload and incorporates design elements from Toyota, Nissan and Cadillac. The first picture shows a model with two cabs and four doors, a short loading area and an electric gate. It is not yet known if other configurations will also be released. The distance is given as 420 km. The trench can reach a depth of 80 cm. However, the manufacturer does not provide additional information about the technology of the car.

The pickup will be built in Taiwan, Thailand and the United States. The Foxconn factory in Lordstown Ohio, where the Fisker Pear will also be built, is a good choice here. Production in Indonesia and India is currently under discussion.

openness to others

However, Foxconn does not want to use automotive technology only for its Foxtron brand. The group has repeatedly emphasized the open nature of its platforms, which other car manufacturers should also take advantage of in the future. Yulon Motor Group, with its Luxgen and CMC brands, is at the forefront. But Foxconn has long joined other manufacturers. This is what a partnership is And mom from Volvo Geely And Stellantis groupAlong with working with Byton and Henrik Fisker’s current electric car project. Foxconn soon Car factory in Lordstown, Ohio, USA, for launching an electric car with the same name. In addition, there are still rumors that Foxconn Apple’s longtime lover’s car For its production – if it really happened.

Automakers, contractors, distributors

Foxconn wants to be three things in the future: an independent manufacturer of the Foxtron brand, a contract manufacturer with other car companies, and a service provider that wants to provide its partners with complete hardware and software solutions. About Hon Hai Precision Inc. Concrete for the first time on Technology Day. Applications for autonomous driving, for cockpits in smart cars and other software-based technologies will be developed and marketed at the new development center.

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Foxconn seems serious about its quest to transform from a mobile phone maker to a major car maker. However, there is a risk that Taiwanese will engage in dancing at many weddings. Mainly because of problems threatening from the other side: Ford still reserves the selection rights for its “Model E” and “Model T” car models. And when it comes to protecting their trademark rights, Americans are generally unfriendly. Even Tesla had to figure this out: the Model 3 was originally supposed to be called the Model E. Ferrari even had to change the name of its Formula 1 car because it was called the “F150” – that was the name of Ford’s best-selling truck. in the United States.