Formula 1: Honda Doesn’t Care If Alonso Stays With Aston Martin In 2026

TEMPO Co, Jakarta – Fernando Alonso had criticized Honda engines when he was still strengthening McLaren. Now, Alonso is strengthening the Mercedes-engined Aston Martin team. His performance has been consistent at the top of Formula 1 this season with four third place finishes from five races held.

From the 2026 season, Honda will be the engine supplier for the Aston Martin team.

Honda Racing Corporation president Koji Watabane said he would not mind if the team retained Alonso as a racer. “We don’t mind him (Fernando Alonso) driving at all,” Watanabe said ReutersMay 24, 2023.

The two-time world champion from Spain has joined Aston Martin this season to replace the retired Sebastian Vettel.

Aston Martin Performance Technologies Group CEO Martin Whitmarsh said Alonso did a great job.



“He made a big contribution on and off the track. Obviously I spoke to Fernando a while ago about the direction we want to go.”

“I’m sure everyone here is referring to comments that may have been made during the war, which are memorable to some, but I think they understand and respect what Honda does.”

“Honda won the 2022 and 2021 world championships (with Red Bull Racing). So it’s a very good partner for us and I think Fernando sees that.”

Whitmarsh added that in 2026 it is still possible to use Alonso’s services, provided he is still as fit and competitive as he is today.

Alonso humiliated Honda at the Japanese Grand Prix in the 2015 season. At that time, Alonso said on the radio that McLaren’s engine uses Honda as a GP2 engine, a racing event in the same class as F1.

In March 2017, McLaren-Honda agreed to split and Alonso returned to focus on Honda engines. “We had only one problem, and that was the power unit. There was no certainty and no power.”

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