Formula 1 2023 |  “Weakening”: Red Bull does not understand the dismissal of Binotto by Ferrari

Formula 1 2023 | “Weakening”: Red Bull does not understand the dismissal of Binotto by Ferrari

Helmut Marko has no regrets about the sometimes very boring 2022 season, achieved with 17 victories in 22 Grands Prix for Red Bull Racing and two undisputed doubles in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ world championships. This is due to the RB18’s single-seater characteristics well exploited by the Austrian team as well as the decrescendo slope followed by Ferrari, which failed to win one of the last 11 races. The final result of this great reign in Milton Keynes, except for qualifying, the Scuderia thanked its team manager, Mattia Binotto, who officially left his position in Maranello to Frédéric Vasseur on Monday 9 January.

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2023 season

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The future will show if the company in Cavalino made the right choice, but Helmut Marko already believes that it was wrong. The former French Sauber manager has proven himself over the years in various racing categories to the top. But now he has a daunting task to get the Reds to the last level, the world championship that has eluded them since 2008.

“At Ferrari, Binotto was in the oven and in the mill and lost”

Binotto is “just overwhelmed”

“I don’t understand changeadmits Helmut Marko, to a German newspaper Cars, Cars and Sports. I consider Binotto to be an excellent technician and politician. He was simply overwhelmed by the work. But it would be enough to add a sports director who would support him in the circuits and strategically. For a foreigner, who is busy with other things, I see the weakness of Ferrari.

Joining Ferrari’s test team in 2015, he was promoted to head of the Engine department in late 2014 and then technical director in 2016, the Italian-Swiss engineer then joined the duties of team principal in 2019, before officially stepping down from the duties of technically without, however, losing control.

On the circuit, Mattia Binotto was assisted by the French engineer Laurent Mekies, the competition director, and entrusted with the duties of team principal during several absences in the 2022 season.

Mattia Binotto may not feature on the field again in 2023 as he has signed a 12-month non-competitive contract according to Italian website, who are usually knowledgeable about the Scuderia.

2023 season

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2023 season

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