Ford Still Retains AM Radio Performance In Its Newest Vehicle Release

Ford Still Retains AM Radio Performance In Its Newest Vehicle Release

MAY 26, 2023@15:30 WIB | 56 comments

Talking about the use of radio in the car, many are already using the FM frequency system. However, a unique step was taken by Ford, where they will continue to use AM radio frequencies in their new car products, including electric cars.

Reported by Carbuzz, Thursday (25/5/2023), Ford CEO Jim Farley said the use of AM radio while driving is still very important to improve driving safety. Even Farley said that Ford has partnered with several related governments for the integration of this AM radio and integrated connections for security services such as the police.

He added that although radio communication technology is advanced, the use of AM radio is still needed. Especially during an emergency, the use of AM radio will be very helpful, especially when you want to need information directly from related parties.

Previously, Ford removed the AM radio feature from the seventh generation Ford Mustang. Additionally, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Electric with electric technology do away with the AM radio feature. However, some users feel that the use of AM radio is still desirable even though it will not be used as often.

For the use of this AM radio, Ford will use a software update system that is connected to the entertainment system in the car. In addition, Farley added that every Ford vehicle owner needs to update their AM radio software.

The plan is to standardize the use of AM radio in 2024. Besides Ford, cars from Lincoln that are still in the same group as Ford will also get this feature. [edo/timBX]