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If the style of It has been chewed it changes precisely in time, despite the controversy, it must be admitted today that some manufacturers have succeeded well in this design between the iconic style of the brand and a number of SUVs such as Porsche Macan and Cayenneeven the Lamborghini Urus (thanks for forgetting the Lotus Eletre).

If, at the time of its release, It has been chewed can be proud to be America’s viable option ahead of You are here (despite reservations reading here) while other developers were finishing up their first designs, I quickly revised my opinion by taking my place on the board again.

The stylish interior continues to impress, especially as the quality remains spot on. But if the big screen has its effect in the first minutes, it is completely useless because it is full of information. Finally, we waste time with every setting we want, especially since some reset every time you start, like the automatic emergency brake (which gave me a few heart attacks for no reason).

Over the first kilometers, I also quickly realized that the driving position quickly becomes painful with a seat that is too high, a backrest that cannot be adjusted much despite the 8-seat adjustment and, above all, no side support!

This is most unfortunate… as we are in a Mustang. Or, what will interest us today is its performance and its daily use. Despite the most impressive size, Mustang Mach-E it can move without much difficulty in the city, and, electric power, the times are there to facilitate the inclusion thanks to 351 hp allowing to bring down from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.8 s.

Good for freedom

And its big battery 99 kW, and It has been chewed it had a distance of 500 km at the beginning (announced for 550 km). Just to do things right, I turn on Single Pedal mode as well as Whisper typing (similar to the ambient mode in the competition) reducing energy and increasing energy regeneration when braking.

Over time in an urban environment, it is very easy to get a good average of 17 kWh. Despite my best efforts, I will not be able to get to the bottom of it, unlike other competitors.

of It has been chewed it still does not provide more information about the use, where the competition has decided to be more open. Its 99 kWh battery (88 kWh useful) and an average consumption of 19 kWh on a mixed route, after more than 600 km sailing, It has been chewed it allowed me to travel 460 km without recharging, combining city, country and highway. The usage balance is as follows:

• Travel outside the city with normal driving: 21 kWh.

• Highway trip in normal operation: 23 kWh.

• Urban trip with One Pedal and Whisper (eco): 17 kWh.

• Hybrid ride with One Pedal and Unrestricted Driving (unrestrained): 19 kWh.

If the Mach-E is still one of the most durable electric cars, especially in its One Pedal mode, its price and some practical features are likely to play it soon. Indeed, the Kia EV6 coupe and the Tesla Model Y are under attack, and it is enough to consult the information of each car to fully understand this:

What would motivate me to buy a Mustang Mach-E?

– Very good freedom in the 99 kW version.

– The presence of a large frunk (front trunk) of 100 l.

– Correct quality of material. – Increased breathing speed of the “normal” version.

– Good handling despite the weight.

– One Pedal Mode that improves freedom.

– Easy trunk access.

– Cable storage under the boot floor.

– Comfortable everyday suspension (with 19-inch rims).

What would make me hesitate to buy a Mustang Mach-E?

– Average consumption is slightly higher than the new competition.

– Strawberry GPS to find stations (outdated, not very intuitive).

– Lack of driving settings (suspension, steering).

– A redesign that may offend some people: it’s One Pedal or nothing.

– It is written Mustang (and therefore sports), but there are no seats to cover.

– Driving position with adjustments under one of the seats.

– A simple bench seat in the back (if real).

– Everything goes through the touch screen, which leads to a lot of inconvenience.

– Not very ergonomic door Handles.