Ford may have quietly launched the new Apple CarPlay ahead of WWDC

Ford may have quietly launched the new Apple CarPlay ahead of WWDC

Car lincoln (Ford luxury brand) Nautilus it may be the first car to be launched with the new Apple CarPlay. At least, that’s what it seems from the image released by the company itself showing the interior of the car. In this sense, it is possible to see a multimedia center that is very reminiscent of the one presented by Apple at WWDC 2022.

At the time, the Cupertino giant claimed that the devices would be available starting this year in cars. Now, the Nautilus has as one of its highlights a “reimagined digital experience”, with a screen that stretches over most of the car’s interior, with a multimedia center in the middle.

This look closely resembles what Apple introduced in June last year. For that matter, a Ford spokesperson came to describe the resemblance as “uncanny”, but did not comment further on the matter. Likewise, Apple hasn’t confirmed if it’s the same device.

However, this large screen promises to provide a more diverse solution for the driver, as well as being full of special lighting features. Functions such as massage seats are also within the driver’s reach, as well as the possibility of choosing a selected digital perfume.

In any case, the company’s current plans seem to focus on producing proprietary chips. Doug Field is currently in charge and spoke about the company’s vision:

a high-performance central computer, where we control the software and which brings the infotainment – and our autonomy software as well – in two internally controlled modules, by physical design and by software.