First Ram 1500 EV Concept, The Future Truck With Lots of Technology

First Ram 1500 EV Concept, The Future Truck With Lots of Technology

JAN 06, 2023@11:05 WIB | 199 comments

Finally, Ram’s wait of more than a year has come true, with the Ram 1500 Revolution 2024 being shown to the public. The Ram 1500 EV is an electric vehicle concept that combines power and beauty.

Although in terms of time, they lost to the GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T, but the CEO of the Ram brand, Mike Koval Jr. Ram’s promising ‘revolution’ could bring the striped manufacturer as the market leader.

His optimism comes because he and the Ram team have addressed all the key areas that matter to buyers: towing and loading, range and payback time. His team has also been traveling the country on a year-long Real Talk Tour to seek advice and feedback as the concept was being developed.

The Ram 1500 EV will have all-wheel drive and the engines are in the front and rear of the truck. Ram also mentioned that the truck’s new chassis has been designed to accommodate a higher capacity battery.

While there are no details yet on the Ram EV’s half-ton battery size or charge hours, Ram says the truck will have a range of 500 miles. That’s 200 miles more than the F-150 Electric’s current range.

Ram says the electric truck can cover 100 miles in just over 10 minutes with 800-volt fast charging for up to 350 kW.

Without an engine under the hood and other large power accessories, the Ram 1500 has more storage space. The concept cab is 4.0 inches longer than the crew cab of the current Ram 1500.

Ram also gave a new touch by introducing a third row of seats in the picture. In this case, they are jump seats. Like GM’s electric truck, the Revolution has a power hatch with a rear window that retracts and folds into the cab.

The biggest difference is the technology that is packed into this truck of the future. One of the coolest features is the AI-powered personal assistant that uses a 3D Ram avatar to respond to voice commands, even from outside the car, unlocking or playing music.

You can also make this Ram EV follow your feet in Shadow mode. The truck will directly follow the driver walking in front of the car when you only need to drive a short distance. The truck will follow the driver at a safe distance, using sensors and camera technology to navigate obstacles like a giant electric robot dog. [wic/tim BX].