Fire is a big problem in electricity (Video) –

Fire is a big problem in electricity (Video) –

A fire in an electric car poses a great problem to firefighting forces, as an incredible amount of water and several hours are needed to control the situation.

Even when the fire is extinguished, however, after many hours of effort, the battery still retains a high temperature, even several days after the event.

In America, especially in Phoenix, Arizona, the Fire Department is trying a new method to completely extinguish electrical fires.

The test was carried out on the Jaguar I-Pace of the self-driving car company Waymo. The electric SUV caught fire for an unknown reason and had to intervene with more than 60 firefighters who poured many cubic meters of water to control the fire.

Then they loaded the car and placed it inside a large garbage can and covered it with wet sand.

According to the authorities, the car will remain in this state for as long as it takes for the battery to die completely. The estimated time that it will remain covered is at least 3 weeks!

The I-Pace will then be taken to the disposal facilities so that it can be disassembled and all hazardous materials, especially the battery, can be reused.