Final Fantasy XVI will have a New Game+ mode at launch

Final Fantasy XVI will have a New Game+ mode at launch

Final Fantasy XVI’s new show released by the magazine Game Informer brought a lot of information about the ways implemented in RPG. At launch, the title will include a New Game+ campaign, alternate difficulty modes and Arena bonus content.

In the game, New Game + will allow all skill loadouts and equipment to be unlocked the first time run away. Additionally, it unlocks Final Fantasy and Ultimaniac modes, which are more difficult compared to Story and Action (Easy and Normal).

In Final Fantasy there is a general increase in the difficulty of the game, changes in the repositioning of creatures and a remix of the variety that will be seen in combat. Additionally, multiple enemies will attack at the same time, providing a heightened sense of alertness and requiring constant vigilance.

Source: Game Informer

“[Esses modos foram] it’s definitely designed for hardcore gamers, those gamers who pride themselves on their action game skills,” says combat director Ryota Suzuki. “[É] a challenge that, even for them, will be very difficult to complete.”

Ultimaniac will not bring a new concept to Final Fantasy XVI, but it is the ultimate difficulty in the RPG and is also associated with New Game+. Both will also allow you to exceed level caps and equipment upgrades.

Final Fantasy XVI Arcade mode with information

In Arcade Mode, players can revisit previously completed stages, this time using an on-screen score calculator and combat controller. This app will also have access to New Game+ Final Fantasy and Ultimaniac, and includes new challenging features.

Source: Game Informer

According to Suzuki, Arcade’s bonus content includes army-based trials. It has the right to Trials of Chronolith, can be started in any game mode – even Action or Story. However, only on the hardest will the Chronolith Final Trials be enabled.

In Final Fantasy XVI, these events consist of several stages, each with four rounds of enemies. The first is the waves of ordinary monsters, with the difficulty of progressing after completing the stage. However, the fourth will summon the boss according to Eikon.

image from Final Fantasy XVI
Source: Square Enix

It is worth emphasizing that these tests are not timed, and have a list of moves, combinations and objectives that allow you to gain extra seconds. Here, there is no possibility of healing – recovery is only provided by the activation of Limit Limit.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22nd for PS5. The title is already available for pre-order on Amazon Brazil.