Fiat shows off a panel of the brand’s next electric cars; watch the video

Inspired by the great success of the past, the fiat released a video (see below) showing what the cabins of the brand’s future cars will look like. But despite this memory of past models, the concept will serve as the basis for the second Italian electric cars. The model, by the way, makes an interesting reference in the design, which refers to the test track.

This format is based on the famous song of Lingottoin Turinin Italy. A small circuit (see the photo below) made above the Fiat factory in the city was launched on May 22, 1923. It was used to test the models made in the 20th century. The song, by the way, is famous for appearing in movie classics, such as the film The Italian Revolution (Work of Italy), from 1969.

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Fiat’s century test track is an inspiration

Be that as it may, the choice to pay homage to Lingotto’s exotic style has an explanation. Last May 22, the construction celebrated 100 years. And the date was marked by the video exhibition “Plasmare Il Futuro”, which means “creating the future” in Italian.

In a short film, Olivier François, CEO of fiat, talks to Ginevra Elkann, president of Pinacoteca Agnelli, about the history of Lingotto, and how the runway has become a new design language for the brand. It is important to mention that the Agnelli family is one of the most powerful in Italy, and is responsible for establishing the brand, for example.

Lingotto test track in Turin (ITA); Photo: Fiat Italia/Disclosure

Furthermore, according to François, the Italian runway will be a source of inspiration for the brand’s next designs. And its details can already be seen in some models that are about to arrive. Therefore, the prediction is that such details will appear on production cars as early as 2024.

The new brand’s designs pay homage to the experimental track; Photo: Fiat Italia/Disclosure

“At Fiat, we feel that the Lingotto and the track are such important symbols that they deserve to be ‘design symbols’. Their characteristics inspired Fiat designers to draw the lines of the brand’s future models, from the incredible track on the roof to the exit, which is like a manifesto of our cultural lightness: less material, more space, this is our vision of interior design that looks to the future”, said the president of the car manufacturer.

“The round shape of Lingotto inspires several new details of the interior, while the façade, with the lightness of its windows, will also be a distinctive signature of future models. I look forward to launching these ‘Lingotto-inspired’ models next year”, he concludes EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

The new model is not yet known

Photo: Fiat Italia/Disclosure

At the moment, it is not known which will be the first model of the brand with new features. However, it is speculated to be next Fiat Panda to be a strong candidate, since its new generation is scheduled to arrive between 2024 and 2025. In addition, the hatch, which will be electric, is one of the longest of the brand, and, therefore, it is quoted for the first time.

Finally, the future Fiat 600successor to the crossover 500X, may be released later this year. In addition, there are also expectations for the launch of TopolinoItalian version of Citroen AmiFrench brand electric quadricycle.

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