FIAT at CES in Las Vegas 2023. FIAT Metaverse Store world overview |  Fiat

FIAT at CES in Las Vegas 2023. FIAT Metaverse Store world overview | Fiat

  • FIAT has returned to CES in Las Vegas with two important exhibitions, the focus of which is the electric New 500 with two innovative projects under the banner of the Brand philosophy of “tech it easy”.
  • The world premiere for an American audience of FIAT Metaverse Storethe first interactive showroom powered by the metaverse, in the booth Microsoft. The FIAT Metaverse store will be one of the main creative pillars for the launch of the New 500e in the United States expected in 2024.
  • The new 500e will also be on display at the Stellantis stand to announce the partnership with Free2move for building sustainable urban mobility.

The FIAT brand returns to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the world’s most influential high-tech event, and does so with two important displays featuring the electric New 500, the flagship of the Brand’s electrification strategy.
CES® 2023, scheduled from the 5th to the 8th of January, is the world stage of innovation and the best environment for FIAT, a global brand that promotes the approach of “easy technology” accessible to all, thanks to the offer of a simple and intuitive way.

With this in mind, FIAT will present to the public for the first time the world’s first metaverse-powered showroom: the FIAT Metaverse Store. This revolution in customer experience is used, thanks to the cooperation with Microsoft And Touchesat the Microsoft booth in West Hall #6017 and recreate the feeling of a showroom in your own home.
In addition to the FIAT Metaverse Store, the New 500 will also be the center of attention in the Free2move area of ​​the Stellantis stand.
Both initiatives reflect FIAT’s founding values, which prioritize customer needs while remaining socially relevant in an era of constant change.

Leading the change in North America
At the Los Angeles Autoshow 2022 Olivier Francois, CEO of FIAT and CMO Global of Stellantis, officially announced the launch of the new Fiat 500e in North America in the first quarter of 2024 and the FIAT Metaverse Store will be one of the main creative pillars for the launch of the icon of electric FIAT in the USA.
FIAT’s goal is to reinvent customer journey in the United States, changing the concept as an alternative to going to dealer showrooms, where the brand will bring the shopping experience directly to their homes.
FIAT is closer to its customers, who can interact with the brand and receive all the necessary information wherever they decide to go or be.
As a leader in urban mobility, the goal is to be a leader in this new space as well, meeting customers and maintaining the human value of the Fiat Product Genius, an expert always available to create a tailored experience.
FIAT is truly stepping into its role as an innovator, building on its success in Europe to establish and break new ground in North America, using its flagship and the most popular car ever to drive the electric revolution, redefining its mission to take customers into the future. of mobility … again.

FIAT Metaverse store: a revolution in customer experience
Launched last December in Italy, the FIAT Metaverse Store makes the brand a true leader in the offering of brand experience immersive, simple and human-driven. Inside the FIAT Metaverse Store, customers will be able to discover, configure and even buy the New 500 La Prima and Bocelli, living the showroom experience thanks to the help of the FIAT Product Genius, a real person ready to answer any question. The entire Nuova 500 series, additional models and markets will be added to the metaverse-powered showroom throughout 2023.
FIAT Metaverse Store FIAT is easy to use and accessible to everyone; in fact, you don’t need true headphones or expensive hardware. The public will be able to try it out at Microsoft’s booth in West Hall #6017 at CES 2023.

FIAT and Free2move together for more sustainable urban mobility
The headlights highlighted the New 500 3+1 in the Rose Gold special edition, displayed as the only vehicle on the Free2move stand. The partnership between FIAT and Free2move is based on one goal: to build an ecosystem for sustainable urban mobility as part of the mission to make electric vehicles more accessible. The two brands are working on a unique value proposition that goes beyond leasing, car sharing and subscription. Customers will be able to enjoy the 360° Free2move experience with a Fiat vehicle from a few minutes, to several days or even months. This offer allows customers to customize rental contracts and related services based on usage with a single invoice, directly from a dedicated APP.

Turin, 5 January 2023