Ferrari to bring updates for ‘every race’

Ferrari to bring updates for ‘every race’

Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur said the Maranello team would bring small updates to each race, downplaying the importance of the package for the upcoming Spanish GP.

Like others, Ferrari will use the parts it brought from the canceled Imola race for the first time at the Monaco GP weekend.

The Italian team will have another package in Barcelona, ​​​​​​where the team usually receives major updates.

But Vasseur said that Spain will not be the last race to update, and their goal is to bring a component to each race.

“It’s not fair to update Monaco because it’s a difficult race in itself, so we want to focus more on planning and driving at the weekend,” said Vasseur.

“But we will get what we need to use in Imola on the track this weekend. Next week we will take another step in Barcelona.”

“It’s not easy to update Monaco because I think it’s more important for the team to focus on driving and tuning.

“But – if it goes according to plan – it would be foolish not to put the planned Imola updates on the car. We only needed to do a small update on Imola and we will use it tomorrow.” say.

Mechanics on the grid with the car of Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF-23

Photo: Mark Sutton / Sports Pictures

Regarding the importance of the Spanish GP package, Vasseur said: “There will be an update in Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​but we do not plan to bring a major update package every 4-5 races.”

“We will do small updates every race. I don’t want to say ‘Barcelona or anything’. After Barcelona we will do a small update in Montreal and there will be another update in England/Austria.”

“We plan to bring updates to every race by the end of the season.”

Vasseur says the team will focus on each race individually rather than the championship.

“I think it would be a mistake to think about the championship. I’m not saying this because I’m hopeless, it’s better to go race by race.”

“It would have been like that if we were leading the championship. I think the worst situation is to overreact no matter what situation you are in.”

“We keep pushing, trying to bring updates, trying to find out where we need to improve and bring good updates.”

“But I’m sure others will do the same with us, which doesn’t mean we’re out of the championship game or anything like that.”

“The best way is to force everyone to stay motivated and actively participate in the race.”

Vasseur is hoping that good SF-23 qualifying form will give him a chance to win this week.

“From the beginning we were always in a position to fight for pole position.”

“When you start from a high position, I think you can expect to win Monaco, or at least you have a chance to do so.”

“This is definitely a good opportunity for us. Now let’s see what happens before Sunday’s race. So we will go step by step.”

Vasseur added that their focus will not be on race performance.

“What we can say for Monaco is that the pace of qualifying is more important than it was in Miami or Baku a few weeks ago.”

“So we’re really focused on qualifying. We had a good qualifying pace in Miami and Baku, which probably suits the car a bit more than others.”

“In short, we have good hopes for the qualifying session.”