Ferrari opts for minor updates in F1 GPs – Formula 1 News

Ferrari opts for minor updates in F1 GPs – Formula 1 News

chief of Ferrari, Frederic Vasseur announced that the team is working on planning to introduce updates for SF-23 at every stage until the end of the season 2023 from System 1. So, the commander of Maranello thrown a big package to the GP of Spain Next week.

As with other pits, Ferrari also took an update to Monaco, even if he recognizes that the road cycle is unique to allow a better understanding of the results. For Barcelonathe Italian team plans more information on the car, but nothing as big as the team usually does on the Spanish track.

Ferrari boss Frédéric Vasseur explained that all races will have updates (Image: AFP)

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“It’s not planned to bring an update to Monaco like [é uma pista] difficult. And we want to focus more on the setup and operation during the weekend,” said Vasseur. “But what we had to bring to Monaco is going on the track this weekend. And we will have another step Barcelona next week,” he continued.

“It is not an easy thing to update the car in Monaco, because I think it is more important for the team to focus on the operation and the configuration, but if it was planned to have something in Imola, we would be stupid not to put it in the car. And we would only have a small update about Imola, so let’s use it”, he insisted.

Still, Vasseur explained that the car will have a new update to the GP of Spainbut Ferrari’s plans are to take small advances in each race.

Barcelona, of course, there will be updates to the car, but we are not planning a big package every five races”, he revealed. “We will take small updates for each race. And I don’t mean it’s Barcelona or anything. After Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​we will have a small update in Montreal, and another in England / Australia”, he continued.

“Today we plan to bring updates for every race until the end of the season,” he announced.

The leader emphasized that Ferrari prefers to face the 2023 race with flying colours, rather than thinking about whether it has a chance for the title.

“I think it would be wrong to think about the championship. It’s not that I have given up, it’s that we think race by race”, he commented. “I think it would be fine if we were leading the championship. I think the worst situation is to overdo it in one case or another”, he commented.

“And we’re still pushing, trying to bring updates, good updates to try to understand where we need to improve. But I’m sure others will do the same. And that doesn’t mean we’re stopping the championship or anything like that.” “The best way to push everyone to be motivated and active in the race. It would be a mistake to say: ‘Okay, let’s leave this one behind'”, he reflected.

The leader also pointed out that this is true SF-23 doing well in qualifying could give Ferrari a chance to win in Monaco.

“From the beginning, I think we were in a position to fight for pole position. And when we have to start the front row, I think in Monaco we can expect victory or at least have a chance,” he assessed. “And, indeed, it is a good opportunity for us. Let’s see what happens before Sunday’s race. Step by step,” he continued.

Finally, Frédéric thought that Ferrari would not focus too much on performance in the race, since pole is the priority in Monte Carlo.

“What we can say about Monaco is that the pace of qualifying is more important than it was in Miami or Baku a few weeks ago,” he said. “It means that we are fully focused on qualifying, but like everyone else. Nobody is preparing a race on the national grid, that would also be stupid”, he warned.

“We are completely focused on qualifying. And I think we were on pace to qualify Miami or inside Baku, and maybe that song is also a little more car-friendly than the others. We have good hopes of qualifying”, he concluded.

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