‘Ferrari’: now in Ecuadorian cinemas the story of the famous Formula 1 team and its founder |  Movie |  Entertainment

‘Ferrari’: now in Ecuadorian cinemas the story of the famous Formula 1 team and its founder | Movie | Entertainment

During the summer of 1957, a former pilot Enzo Ferrari (Driver Adam) is in crisis. Bankruptcy threatens the factory that he and his wife, Laura Garello (Penelope Cruz), built from scratch ten years earlier. At the same time, their marriage is affected by lost his son Dinocause of muscular dystrophy.

Under the leadership of Michael Mann (The Insider, Bond, Tokyo Vice, Manhunter), tape Ferrari it moves behind an uncensored photo of Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988) taking the book as inspiration Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Car, The Races, The Machine de Brock Yates (1991).

“There is no equality in his life, and that is the goal of Enzo Ferrari. That appealed to me, because that’s what life is all about,” says Mann, a four-time Oscar nominee. “Life is uneven. Life is messy. Life is full of chaos. Ferrari was right and logical; prudent in everything related to his factory and his racing team. His whole life was impulsive, defensive, obnoxious, chaotic. It’s this strange symmetry and confusion that makes him and the other characters in this unique story human to me.

This complexity is confirmed by the appearance of Piero Lardi, Enzo’s unidentified son born in 1945 from his relationship with Lina Lardi (Shailene Woodley), who now seeks to carry on his father’s surname. Together they form a second family Laura doesn’t know until it’s revealed.

Adam Driver (Enzo Ferrari) and Shailene Woodley (Lardi).

When tragedies and revelations meet, Ferrari bets everything to win the race, a dangerous 1,000 mile race through the open roads called Mille Miglia.

“For Lina, it was never about the money,” Woodley says of her character’s clash with Laura over the Ferrari empire. “It was never about Piero being ‘heir to Ferrari’. It was never about the materialistic brouhaha that arose from taking the Enzo name. It was about providing a safe space for your child to feel like they belong. to a world that, at that time, especially in Catholic Italy, made anyone in those circumstances feel inadequate.”

Penelope Cruz is Laura Garello in ‘Ferrari’.

Oscar’s goal

In preparation for your role, Adam Driver studied the life of the man who would play, studied his decisions, his background, the way he moves, breathes, he walked and talked.

That suited the passionate director working with actors in pre-production and turning story-making into a visceral process. Mann offers his cast to sink their artistic teeth, and Driver says that he, like many, He focused on the technique that enabled him to be nominated in the category of best actor in the following Oscar awards.which will be celebrated this Sunday, March 10.

The making of the ‘Ferrari’ movie.

“Michael gives you a lot of confidence,” says Driver. β€œHe’ll give you a chance to try something, but he’s very open with the film he’s making with That clarity is something I always aspire to, because even in the abstract, it helps you have better ideas.“.

I read Yates’ book, but it was clear that everyone had a different version of who Ferrari was.” adds the main character of A Marriage Story. “He was either a criminal or a persuasive. He was very charismatic. He was very cruel or coercive and manipulative, and it was impossible to live up to all those expectations. So, We went back to the script and version that we were doing, someone who is underpowered and has that inner engine that’s always running, even though he’s emotionally detached.”

The driver spent more than two hours to do hair and makeup every day to play Ferrariwho was 59 years old at the time shown in the film.

“Filmmaking now seems so extreme that you almost miss the actor, the person underneath; there’s often a lack of emotional connection, and Michael didn’t want that at all,” says Driver.

“It’s a tough process, but it was important in trying to find Enzo’s fatigue. He is not agile at this point in his life, but he is not weak by any means either. There is weight, I think. I had a huge crush on him from day one. “He was a man who grew up in a factory and I thought he slipped when he got into cars.”