Ferrari doesn’t run out of internal combustion engines

Ferrari doesn’t run out of internal combustion engines

Ferrari’s plans for the next two years may include its first electric model, but the Italian company has no intention of abandoning internal combustion engines.

As time goes by, the rules regarding electric mobility change around the world and the “limit” of 2035 to the evolution of engines as we know them.

While the law that relates to the ban on the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines, Ferrari on the one hand it continues with its plans to launch its first electric model in 2025 and on the other hand it seems ready for the production of the internal combustion engine. Its goal of zero carbon footprint has been released.

It leaves 2030 as the deadline to achieve this goal, but that conflicts with its desire to develop an internal combustion engine, even if it relies on the use of synthetic fuel. Its CEO Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna meaningfully noted in one of his last statements, that “The internal combustion engine has a lot more to offer».

THE Ferrari He has not given any indication of his intentions for the future, even if he will set his sights on someone V6 of V8 total. The only news that has emerged from Vinia’s statement is that the company has found the suppliers it needs to continue with the final designs of its first electric car.

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