Ferrari, change of plans on the new car: here is the decision

Ferrari, change of plans on the new car: here is the decision

The presentation of the new Ferrari is just one month away, and the team’s decision has changed plans. This is what will happen on February 14.

The redemptive Ferrari will be presented on February 14, which will aim to return to the world title.. 2023 opens with a typical commitment from the Modena team, knowing the fact that they must at least fight for the title until the last race, something that has not happened since 2012.

Ferrari F1-75 with Leclerc in Belgium (ANSA)

In the history of Cavallino, there has never been such a long period without participating in a world championship fight, even in the very long period of fasting between the 1979 world championship and Jody Scheckter and that of 2000 and Michael Schumacher. So far, the situation seems to be more difficult than in the years when Kaiser of Kerpen was trying to get his hands on the final success, given that the team was tested more than the one we will see in 2023.

Frederic Vasseur has reached the top of Gestione Sportiva and will take over as team principal replacing Mattia Binotto.. That of the engineer from Lausanne was one of the worst management ever, and after four years of bad statistics it was decided to fire him, but it is obvious that now it will take time to try to improve the situation.

The technical sector, however, has remained the same, with the development of the 675 project that will continue in 2023. it was not to be affected by the revolution of great elders. There Ferrari is building a car that, on paper, should be very competitive, at least according to the rumors coming out of Maranello.

Rumors talk about reliability problems solved by increasing the power of the power unit, with amazing results in terms of aerodynamics. Contrary to what happened in the past, the new car starts on a good basis, given that the F1-75 was still the second fastest car of the lot, perhaps the best in terms of flying and pure speed.

The problem with this single seat, as well as the reliability, was definitely about the management of the tires, which from the middle of the season onwards became the factor that gave the car a big advantage. Red Bull. As is often the case in recent times, Maranello has not been able to develop the car in the best way, contrary to what was done to Milton Keynes on RB18, allowing a Max Verstappen to take Charles Leclerc.

In 2023, all this will no longer be tolerated, otherwise the variety will also Henry Cardile, David Sanchez and other project managers would end up on the grill, as is already happening Inaki Rueda about strategies. At the same time, a change of plans has arrived from Maranello regarding the presentation of the new car, which will take place elsewhere than the one previously introduced.

Ferrari, presentation in Maranello and a day of filming in Fiorano

The first development had talked about the presentation of the new Ferrari scheduled for Tuesday 14 February at the Imola track.but something has changed. According to what was reported by “Sports Courier“, the launch will take place in Maranello, and the new car will hit the track once in Fiorano for the filming day, as happened last year too, when Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz they baptized him in the middle of a thick fog.

The aim is to try that everything works perfectly, because let’s remember that shortly after one operator will take the course in the first fight with his opponents. In fact, the winter tests in Bahrain will take place from 23 to 25 February, and each driver will have only one and a half days to get to know the new car, as happened two years ago, with the old generation of cars. .

Ferrari faces a significant challengeand Frederic Vasseur who will be able to prove his value in managing a certain situation. First of all, the range between the pilots will have to be defined, and 2022 that showed the clear quality of Leclerc up Sainz, who however does not want to let go. The first race will tell us a lot about the values ​​on the field between the two “Carlis”, as well as the race strategies. As mentioned, the place of Inaki Rueda it does not appear to be stable, and it is safe to expect some decisions in the coming weeks.

In all likelihood, Vasseur will not endure the transition season with the Reds being third and away from Red Bull And Mercedes, because you need a car capable of fighting for the title from the first race to the last. The reign of the French manager has officially begun, and much is expected of him and his staff in the coming years.

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