Fernando Alonso’s criticism of one of his former teams

Fernando Alonso’s criticism of one of his former teams

Fernando Alonso He is living a sweet moment in Formula 1 after having had the best start to the season in years. Also, he has had time to throw a dart at one of his old teams because of his current performance.

Fernando Alonso criticizes Ferrari

And it is that he has remembered the years in which he was with the Scuderia Ferrari competing, which were from his arrival in 2010 until his last year in Maranello, this being in 2014. There, Fernando Alonso remembers that he was always in the fight for the title, being the times he was closest to getting it in the 2010s and 2012.

“With Ferrari, we were always there every year. We never made mistakes and we fought for the World Championship until the last race on two occasionsdeclared Alonso in Sky Sports Italy.

Still, he had a moment to throw a taunt at them. And it is that she remembers that, Currently, it is not the same team that did not make mistakes with him, quite the opposite.something that is happy because in its current stage it is positive.

“Fortunately, for me and also for Aston Martin, there is more inconsistency in Maranello now than in the seasons when I was thereFernando commented.

Fernando Alonso highlights the good work of Adrian Newey

On the other hand, the two-time Formula 1 champion was asked about the dominant team on the grid and the rival to beat, Red Bull. He lets it slip that he is not surprised that they are in the position that they are, since the cars of Newey they have always been very good.

“I think that Adrian Newey has always made cars that are superior to the rest of his rivals. It’s always difficult to outmanoeuvre your teams, but we’re talking about the nature of Formula 1.”explained the Aston Martin.

Even so, remember once again, as he already told Max Verstappen in person, that there will be two circuits that will arrive shortly where his chances will increase: Monaco and Barcelona.

“His two Red Bulls don’t break and go very fast, but maybe in Monaco and Barcelona we have a chanceclosed Fernando Alonso.