Fernando Alonso: “F1 is not a charity, this is just the beginning for Aston Martin” – F1journaal.be

Fernando Alonso: “F1 is not a charity, this is just the beginning for Aston Martin” – F1journaal.be

According to two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin must continue to work hard to continue making progress. The second half of the last F1 season proved that otherwise you go backwards immediately. However, Alonso expects that Aston Martin will take another great step forward next year.

“Formula 1 is not a charity event,” Alonso said. “We need pressure to work.”

“The fifth place in the Constructors’ Championship hurts a little because I think we were better than that. At the beginning of the year we expected better results.

“Finishing fourth in the Drivers’ Championship was completely unexpected, it was impossible knowing the drivers we were competing against.”

“If you finish fifth in the constructors’ championship, you as a driver usually have to finish ninth or tenth. This is a dream season for many people at Aston Martin, myself included.

“For me, this is, along with 2012, the best season of my career, a position I never imagined at the beginning of the year and the performance we had in 2022.”

According to Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin is working hard towards better performance in the future. In addition to attracting important personnel, it also takes more steps in the field of its equipment. All this will help Aston Martin be more competitive, according to Alonso.

“This is the first step of a great success with the team,” said Alonso. “We’ve been saying this is the first year for Aston Martin that it’s going to be competitive, a lot of changes in the team, a new factory, we’ve been saying these things for a long time.”

“So if we took a step back next year it would be bad, we have to move forward. We finished fifth in the championship but we have to do better next year. Fourth, third, second, whatever it is.”

“And for my part, I got eight podium finishes this year, I hope I can match it next year.”