Features and Sale Price of Xiaomi 14 Pro Model Announced

Features and Sale Price of Xiaomi 14 Pro Model Announced

Using the Android 14 operating system and having a 6.73-inch screen, the Xiaomi 14 Pro can provide brighter and brighter images using AMOLED display technology. Using a 3rd Generation SD 8 processor, the Xiaomi 14 Pro device has 12 GB RAM memory. Its 4,800 mAh battery will last you for 1-1.5 days. Let’s take a look at the other technical specifications of the Xiaomi 14 Pro phone.

Xiaomi 14 Pro Technical Specifications

This machine, which is 8.4 mm thick and weighs 207 grams, will come in white, blue, black and green colors. The density of the screen size, which reaches a resolution of 1440 x 3200p, is set to 522P per inch. The screen refreshes images 120 times per second (120 Hz) and there are also Dolby Vision HDR10+ features. The ROM memory capacity is provided in 3 different ways, and the Xiaomi 14 Pro has a maximum of 512 GB of permanent memory.

Xiaomi 14 Pro Camera and Battery

The 200+50+50MP cameras of the device are designed to give you 8K quality video. The front camera, on the other hand, seemed to be adequate as 32 MP for Selfie. The selfie camera has panorama and HDR support.

Its fixed non-removable battery is 4,800 mAh and there is also a 50 Watt wireless adapter as well as a 120 Watt adapter to charge this battery. You can fully charge the battery in 20 minutes wired and 30 minutes wireless. Sensors on the machine take their place as accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, compass sensors.

Xiaomi 14 Pro price

Millions of customers waiting for this device wonder how much the price of Xiaomi 14 Pro is. The price of Xiaomi 14 Pro is set at $1,100. Of course, this price is valid for the Indian and Chinese markets. The price will be higher when the phone is available in Europe and America. Those flagship phones may not always use the same processor as ram. Options may vary from country to country. The machine we talked about in this content was a model with a processing element that works at a higher speed.