FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami score, result, highlights as Lionel Messi reaches US Open Cup final on penalties

FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami score, result, highlights as Lionel Messi reaches US Open Cup final on penalties

After enduring an exhausting journey through the Leagues Cup, Lionel Messi and Inter Miami appeared to be operating on vapors, yet they persist in summoning just the necessary enchantment every time they grace the turf. During the U.S. Open Cup semifinals, away against FC Cincinnati, this marathon would persist.

Inter Miami trailed 2-0 to the robust leaders of the MLS table, who exuded the aura of a Supporters’ Shield front-runner for the initial hour. However, Messi orchestrated two assists to Leo Campana, fashioning a belated resurgence. The second assist materialized deep into stoppage time, seven minutes into the added period, restoring equilibrium at 2-2.

In the bonus period, Josef Martinez struck early, guided by a feed from substitute Benji Cremaschi, catapulting Inter Miami into the lead. Nevertheless, Yuya Kubo snatched an equalizer in the 114th minute, reinstating parity for FC Cincinnati.

Lionel Messi and Leonardo Campana of Inter Miami

During the penalty shootout, Callender thwarted Nick Hagglund’s endeavor in the fifth round, configuring the victory’s setup. Subsequently, Cremaschi converted his spot-kick, propelling Inter Miami into yet another Cup final, mere days after securing the club’s inaugural silverware. Notably, this progression kept Messi unvanquished in pink.

Similar to the precedent set by Nashville SC, FC Cincinnati aggressively pounded Inter Miami early and frequently, but their inability to capitalize on a plethora of opportunities to clinch the game would eventually come back to haunt them.

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The Sporting News diligently tracked the live encounter between FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami, furnishing real-time score updates, insightful commentary, and pivotal moments as they transpired.

“I am living an IMMENSE dream!”

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FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami final score Final Penalty Kickers FC Cincinnati 3 4 Acosta (18′), Vazquez (53′), Kubo (114′) Inter Miami 3 5 Campana (68′, 90+7′), Martinez (93′)

FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami penalty shootout Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 FC Cincinnati O O O O X Inter Miami O O O O O

Starting lineups:

FC Cincinnati (3-4-1-2, right to left): 1. Kann (GK) — 4. Hagglund, 21. Miazga, 32. I. Murphy (Powell, 88′) — 13. Arias (Halsey, 106′), 93. Moreno (Angulo, 88′), 5. Nwobodo, 31. Barrel — 10. L. Acosta (Gaddis, 88′) — 9. Boupendza (Kubo, 62′), 19. Vazquez (Santos, 78′).

Inter Miami (3-5-2, right to left): 1. Callender (GK) — 27. Kryvtsov, 6. Aviles (Allen, 78′), 31. Miller (Taylor, 58′) — 2. Yedlin (Farias, 58′), 8. D. Gomez (Martinez, 78′), 5. Busquets, 7. Mota (Ruiz, 58′), 18. Alba — 10. Messi, 9. Campana (Cremaschi, 91′).

FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami live updates, highlights, commentary FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami: Penalty shootout Fifth Round

FC Cincinnati: The hosts deploy another defender, Nick Hagglund, for this crucial moment, and his attempt is… BLOCKED! DRAKE CALLENDER MAKES THE SAVE! The penalty is poorly executed, aimed far too centrally, allowing Callender to thwart it with ease!

Inter Miami: Now it’s the turn of 18-year-old Benji Cremaschi, who assisted in the go-ahead goal during extra time. The youthful midfielder… CONVERTS! INTER MIAMI ADVANCES!



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FC Cincinnati: United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) defender Matt Miazga strides forth adorned with the captain’s armband, and he… SLOTS IT IN! He outwits Callender by sending the ball in the opposite direction!

Inter Miami: Following up is striker Josef Martinez, who… CONVERTS! He artfully deceives Alec Kann, ensnaring the goalkeeper, and with the keeper rooted, he coolly dispatches the ball.

Penalty Showdown: Round 3

FC Cincinnati: Behold Sergio Santos, who…NETS! An upper-deck drive, an insurmountable penalty.

Inter Miami: And now arrives another fledgling for Inter Miami, David Ruiz…BOOMS! A hesitant stride, trailed by yet another cannonball of a penalty. Nobody’s faltered thus far!

Penalty Showdown: Round 2

FC Cincinnati: Up next emerges Santiago Arias who…THRASHES! He misdirects Callender off-course.

Inter Miami: On this inaugural outing with Inter Miami, Facundo Farias strides forth, and the 20-year-old SUCCEEDS! It’s a seismic detonation into the zenith corner.

Penalty Showdown: Round 1

FC Cincinnati: FC Cincinnati seizes the advantage, and Matt Miazga chooses to fire first. Advancing initially is Yuya Kubo who tallied the equalizer. He…CONVERTS! Skimming and unyielding to the right, Drake Callender anticipates accurately but tardily lunges.

Inter Miami: As anticipated, Lionel Messi takes the lead for Inter Miami, as he did the last two instances, and he…NETS! He arches it left and deceives Alec Kann’s trajectory.

EXTRA-TIME TERMINATION: FC Cincinnati 3-3 Inter Miami Into the penalty shootout we venture! Inter Miami rallied from a 2-0 shortfall to take command, yet FC Cincinnati refused to yield as well, culminating in 120 minutes of equilibrium. Onward to the duel! Lionel Messi has emerged triumphant from both prior penalty shootouts with Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup, including the final. Drake Callender has been stupendous thus far.

FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami: Overtime 117th minute: Oh, a crucial juncture as Messi faces a free-kick. David Ruiz drills through FC Cincinnati’s defensive formation and is ultimately fouled centrally just outside the pinnacle of the penalty zone. Messi advances and strikes it adeptly, yet he fails to locate the upper corner this time, witnessing his blast instead being ensnared by the goalkeeper’s grip.

114th minute: GOAL! FC CINCINNATI! INTER MIAMI ISN’T THE SOLE PROTAGONIST OF A LATE RESURGENCE! The guests are penalized for their attempt to close out the match, and Yuya Kubo capitalizes on a diverted cross that lands at his feet, taking one stride onto his right foot and unleashing it into the zenith corner from 15 yards away. We’ve squared anew!

112th minute: Inter Miami endeavors to drain the clock by extracting vigor from the ball. Each time they seize possession, the ball revolves back through the defense and, in due course, the goalkeeper. Their intent to push the ball forward is conditional at best. FC Cincinnati mounts their offensive thrust, yet Sergio Santos and Yuya Kubo appear to be exhausting their creativity.

108th minute: Lionel Messi is now exhibiting flair. He navigates through multiple defenders, predominantly to consume time and afford his team a few additional seconds to rejuvenate. The crowd bestows applause as he is ultimately dispossessed, yet his mission is fulfilled.

Kickoff: Subsequent to Santiago Arias striking the crossbar just moments prior, he is substituted off in FC Cincinnati’s ultimate substitution, with Bret Halsey entering.

HALFTIME: The referee blows the whistle, and amidst the chorus of boos, the TQL Stadium enthusiasts exhibit some partiality, hesitating to acknowledge the correctness of the call. Since conceding, FC Cincinnati has been electrifying, yet the clock serves as their adversary. Inter Miami must delve deep to preserve this lead, with Tata Martino devoid of remaining substitutions to enact.

104th minute: Opportunity, FC Cincinnati! THE HOSTS STRIKE THE POST! A corner is launched, and Santiago Arias’s header smacks the framework! A resounding endeavor, but it clangs off the crossbar!

In the ensuing moments of the reset, FC Cincinnati players vociferously appeal for a penalty following a Nick Hagglund strike connecting with a defender’s arm. However, it’s visibly absorbed into his chest, and there’s no grounds for a penalty. VAR reviews the incident, and play proceeds sans penalty, affirming the correct adjudication.

102nd minute: Nick Hagglund embarks on a flank sprint, delivering a cross with Sergio Santos in motion. Alas, the ball is overly confined to the goalkeeper’s reach, and Drake Callender securely collects it. Since the Inter Miami goal, FC Cincinnati has monopolized the proceedings.

97th minute: FC Cincinnati responds vividly to falling behind, yet Robert Taylor executes an adept tackle with pace to intercept a cross on his flank. Sergio Busquets responds with applause.


Substitute Benji Cremaschi engineers the moment, obtaining the ball midfield with his back to the goal, then executing a graceful pivot to create space before delivering a vertical pass to Josef Martinez, who executes the finish.

Kickoff: FC Cincinnati faces a predicament. All three of their attackers, especially Luciano Acosta, have been withdrawn, seemingly drained. Victory necessitates the rise of others as they aim to secure the win and advance.

Tata Martino promptly deploys his supplementary extra-time substitution, introducing Benji Cremaschi in lieu of Leonardo Campana.

FINAL WHISTLE: FC Cincinnati 2-2 Inter Miami

FC Cincinnati controlled significant stretches of this match, appearing poised for a triumph over Inter Miami. However, Lionel Messi’s refusal to surrender resulted in a remarkable assist that sparked a comeback.

The hosts paid the price for not employing time-wasting tactics near the corner flag. Remarkably, 30 more minutes are looming on the horizon!

Noteworthy: Lionel Messi has contributed to a goal in nine consecutive matches for both his club and country. This is the ninth time he’s achieved this feat in his career and the first since the 2018-19 season. The magic of his delivery is evident.

The interplay between Messi and Campana resumes in this sequel.

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90+5th minute: Inter Miami finds themselves bereft of ideas. Lionel Messi makes a solo effort from midfield, only to be double-teamed and stripped of possession. FC Cincinnati nearly capitalized on a break, but Marco Angulo’s heavy touch squandered the opportunity.

89th minute: Alvaro Barreal receives a booking for recklessly swinging his foot at the ball while on the ground. An astonishing eight minutes of added time are displayed! Quite the extension!

86th minute: Luciano Acosta earns a booking for repeated fouling, as he pushes Leo Campana from behind. FC Cincinnati prepares a triple substitution but elects to hold off momentarily.

Ultimately, Raymon Gaddis, Marco Angulo, and Alvas Powell enter the fray. Luciano Acosta is among those withdrawn, relinquishing the captain’s armband as he departs the field with a limp.

82nd minute: Inter Miami escapes yet another defensive scare, having switched off momentarily. Luciano Acosta proves instrumental again, sending a brilliant cross in front of the net. Regrettably for FC Cincinnati, it’s just beyond the reach of the onrushing teammate in front of goal.

80th minute: Serhiy Kryvtsov receives a booking for a harsh foul on Alvaro Barreal, committing a blatant intentional foul in midfield to prevent a breakaway. In the aftermath, even Tata Martino receives a booking, leaving one to wonder about his arguments.

78th minute: Following the second-half cooling break, Inter Miami introduces two fresh substitutions. Josef Martinez replaces Diego Gomez, while Noah Allen steps in for Tomas Aviles in the defense. FC Cincinnati counters by substituting Brandon Vazquez with Sergio Santos.

74th minute: A chance for FC Cincinnati! Yuya Kubo continues to pose problems! Luciano Acosta finds him with a through ball. Despite the Inter Miami defense signaling for offside, Kubo delivers a powerful shot that forces Drake Callender into a crucial save. Since their goal, Inter Miami has absorbed several threats and must be cautious about relinquishing another.

72nd minute: Another chance for FC Cincinnati! The hosts see another goal disallowed, the second occurrence today! Yuya Kubo deflects a corner into the net, but the referee’s whistle intervenes! The call seems to be for handball, which is quite stringent, but in line with the regulations. The ball grazes Kubo’s thigh before touching his arm before settling, and as an attacker, that’s sufficient reason for disallowance. Unfortunate!

70th minute: FC Cincinnati earns a dangerous free-kick just outside the 18-yard box as Tomas Aviles fouls Brandon Vazquez. Alvaro Barreal nearly capitalizes, but Drake Callender is equal to the task, tipping the ball over the crossbar past the far post.

68th minute: GOAL! INTER MIAMI! GAME ON! Facundo Farias is brought down out wide to win a free-kick. Lionel Messi, on the set-piece, notches his second assist for Inter Miami, delivering the ball to Leo Campana’s head for a thunderous finish! Messi sets the table perfectly for his strike partner!

63rd minute: FC Cincinnati initiates their first substitution, introducing Yuya Kubo for Aaron Boupendza. Kubo becomes immediately involved, but a through-ball takes him too wide, resulting in a shot straight into Drake Callender’s hands.

60th minute: Inter Miami reverts to a more conventional 4-3-3 formation. Robert Taylor assumes the right-back role, while David Ruiz enters the midfield. Facundo Farias, in his debut appearance for the club, joins Messi in orchestrating the attack.

56th minute: Tata Martino might soon rue his decision not to make halftime substitutions. He prepares a triple substitution following the goal. Robert Taylor will join the match, replacing Kamal Miller, which implies a change in formation. DeAndre Yedlin and Jean Mota are also withdrawn, making way for David Ruiz and Facundo Farias in his Inter Miami debut.

53rd minute: GOAL! FC CINCINNATI! In a pinball-like counterattack, Brandon Vazquez fires a low, driven shot from outside the box into the net! Although the USMNT striker didn’t appear to have an optimal shooting position, no Inter Miami defender contested him as he trailed the play, leading to a perfectly placed shot inside the far post.

49th minute: Diego Gomez earns a foul by beating Aaron Boupendza to the ball and subsequently taking an elbow to the back. Inter Miami’s frustration with the physicality is becoming evident, as Serhiy Kryvtsov intervenes and exchanges words with Boupendza. The match’s intensity might escalate in the near future.

Kickoff: The second half commences, with FC Cincinnati initiating play as Lionel Messi ties his boots. Inter Miami maintains its lineup, as Gerardo Martino sticks to his initial strategy for the time being. Despite a lackluster first half, they trail by just one goal, and Lionel Messi’s capabilities are well-known.

HALFTIME: FC Cincinnati 1-0 Inter Miami

FC Cincinnati retains possession and conserves time by controlling the ball, leading to the halftime whistle. A visibly frustrated Lionel Messi walks into the tunnel after a first-half period of effective containment. Messi’s involvement was limited, amassing just 32 touches. Although he maintained possession well, his impact in terms of goal creation was marginal, both for himself and his teammates.

FC Cincinnati’s physical approach was evident in the first half, yet unlike previous Inter Miami opponents, they maintained composure, avoided excessive fouls, and successfully thwarted the Messi-led team. The hosts’ message is clear after the first 45 minutes, but the match is far from decided. Despite having a reduced bench, Tata Martino’s strategies could alter the course of the game.

FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami: First Half

45+3rd minute: The match is growing increasingly physical. Sergio Busquets commits a foul, then is clipped shortly after play resumes. Tensions haven’t erupted yet, but both teams—particularly Inter Miami—express their clear frustration.

Diego Gomez sends DeAndre Yedlin’s cross well above the crossbar.

44th minute: FC Cincinnati impressively limits Lionel Messi’s influence, allowing the Argentine just 23 touches thus far. Against other teams, auxiliary players around Messi stepped up to exploit his added attention. However, with alterations to the lineup, no one has emerged to share the load in this match.

Jean Mota’s deep cross sails over the penalty area and beyond the end line on the fly. Inter Miami’s attacking rhythm is disjointed, and FC Cincinnati’s defense looks assured. Five minutes of added time are indicated.

41st minute: Jean Mota receives the first booking of the match for a late challenge on Obinna Nwobodo. While not hazardous, the caution is justified as Mota extended his leg significantly and was in no position to make a tackle.

36th minute: The match’s flow has diminished. Serhiy Kryvtsov collides with an opponent and is writhing in pain, necessitating medical treatment. This appears to be a painful injury, resulting in an extended stoppage for treatment. The Ukrainian continues after some time, but will be monitored closely. A substantial amount of added time is anticipated.

31st minute: A booking is issued to Obinna Nwobodo of FC Cincinnati for a late challenge on Diego Gomez, accompanied by a step on his foot. Inter Miami’s growing frustration with the physical nature of the match is palpable. Serhiy Kryvtsov expresses his displeasure, exchanging words with Boupendza. The match has the potential to escalate.

Kickoff: The semifinal match of the 2023 U.S. Open Cup is underway! Cincinnati hosts the best and worst teams of the Eastern Conference. Notably, several Cincinnati athletes are present to support their fellow Ohio professional team.

FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami: Pre-match analysis, stats, and more

15 minutes to kickoff: A unique aspect of U.S. Open Cup matches is the limitation to seven available substitutes on the bench, deviating from the usual number. While the Leagues Cup and MLS games offer 12 and 9 bench players respectively, consistent with European league and cup competitions, this competition’s constraints are intriguing.

Both teams, despite the restricted bench, still have access to the customary three substitution windows outside of halftime. Most players likely to participate in this game will have an opportunity to take the field.

30 minutes to kickoff: DeAndre Yedlin, in conversation with the CBS Sports pregame show, emphasizes that despite the enjoyable month they’ve had, the team isn’t complacent after achieving historic milestones.

45 minutes to kickoff: Lineups have been revealed, indicating significant changes for Inter Miami under the guidance of Tata Martino. While Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba retain their positions, a tactical switch is evident with the inclusion of three center-backs.

20-year-old midfielder Diego Gomez and 19-year-old defender Tomas Aviles make their starts, while Brazilian midfielder Jean Mota returns after a prolonged injury absence.

FC Cincinnati also introduces a change, fielding Alec Kann as goalkeeper in place of Roman Celentano, who has been involved throughout the U.S. Open Cup.

FC Cincinnati starting lineup (3-4-1-2): Kann (GK) — Hagglund, Miazga, I. Murphy — Arias, Moreno, Nwobodo, Barreal — L. Acosta — Boupendza, Vazquez.

FC Cincinnati substitutes (7): Celentano (GK), Angulo, S. Santos, Gaddis, Halsey, Powell, Kubo.

Tata Martino faces a balancing act in managing his star players’ fatigue in the coming weeks, including Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba. Resting these key figures amidst critical matches will be challenging.

Martino, however, has opted to rotate players for this match, introducing several changes. Robert Taylor and Benji Cremaschi are rested following an intense Leagues Cup campaign. The lineup also includes 20-year-old Diego Gomez and 19-year-old Tomas Aviles, while Brazilian Jean Mota makes his return from injury. Additionally, struggling striker Josef Martinez is benched, making way for Leo Campana. A shift to three center-backs implies a more attacking role for DeAndre Yedlin and Jordi Alba.

Inter Miami starting lineup (3-5-2): Callender (GK) — Kryvtsov, Aviles, Miller — Yedlin, D. Gomez, Busquets, Mota, Alba — Messi, Campana.

Inter Miami substitutes (7): Dos Santos (GK), Farias, Allen, D. Ruiz, Cremaschi, R. Taylor, J. Martinez.

How to watch FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami

TV Channel: Telemundo (Spanish) in the USA Streaming: FuboTV, Paramount+, Peacock, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo, CBS Sports Golazo Network In Canada, the match can be streamed on DAZN.

In Malaysia, viewers can tune in on Astro Supersport 2 or stream on Astro Go and sooka.

FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami Betting Odds & Lines

Inter Miami enters the match as the favorites, given their formidable lineup featuring Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba. Despite their dominance, FC Cincinnati is also given a chance to triumph, as evidenced by Inter Miami’s plus-three-way moneyline odds.

The betting market anticipates a high-scoring match, reflected by the over/under of 3.5 goals. Both teams are projected to find the net.