Familiarize yourself with the P-6 Class, the Indonesian Navy’s Fast Torpedo Boat

Familiarize yourself with the P-6 Class, the Indonesian Navy’s Fast Torpedo Boat

In the 1950s to 1960s, military Indonesia grew to become one of the largest nations in Southeast Asia. In fact, in the 1960s Indonesia’s military power became one of the largest in the southern hemisphere at the time. This cannot be separated from the purchase of many defense equipment, especially from the eastern bloc that strengthened Indonesia’s military power during this period.

On the maritime side, Indonesia’s military power is dominated by various types of weapons from the eastern bloc, especially those produced by the Soviet Union. Perhaps for fans of the domestic army names like KRI Irian, ship spoilers Skorry-class and fast ship Komar missiles are several defense devices developed by the Soviet Union that are well known for use by the TNI-AL or what was formerly known as the ALRI (Navy of the Republic of Indonesia). Although there was another type of warship developed by the Soviet Union that was also used by the TNI. The ship is a speedboat Torpedo (Torpedo-boat) class P-6.

Fast Torpedo Boats Born After World War II

P-6 Class Torpedo Ship While Sailing (wikipedia/Russian military forum)

Torpedo fast boats or a torpedo boat The P-6 class is one of the ships developed by the Soviet Union that was born after the end of World War II. According to the website War boatsthe ship used to hunt submarines is known as Project 183′The Bolsheviks‘. This ship began to be designed and built in 1949 after being inspired by the American torpedo boat project in World War II which was given to the Soviet Union through rent-to-rent.

Ships of this type began to be built in three different shipyards in the Soviet Union, namely Leningrad, Vladivostok and Sosnovka. This type of ship is also known to be manufactured by China through a license program and is known as Type 6602, Type 6702, Type 7702 for the standard variant and Type 55A which is the development variant of the standard ship. The design of the P-6 class ship is also believed to be used as a prototype in the development of the Komar-class fast missile boats that are also used by the Indonesian Navy.

Little is known about his track record in the body of TNI-AL

P-6 Class Torpedo Boats Used by ALRI (Wikipedia/Indonesian Navy)

The P-6 class torpedo boat has a track record that is not well known within the TNI-AL. This is in contrast to its counterpart, the Jaguar-class, which is a German-made ship that is well-known for use by the Indonesian Navy. The arrival of the P-6 class ships is also not known since what year the TNI-AL started using them, it is possible that these ships met various defense equipment from other eastern blocs in the early 1960s. According to the website Wikipedia, Indonesia is known to use 14 units of P-6 class torpedo boats in its defense system.

This ship was probably purchased in preparation for the Trikora operation in West Irian, although it is not clear whether the TNI at the time acquired this ship in new condition or was used by another country. The impact of this ship during TNI ownership is also not well known. It is possible that these class ships will also be phased out along with the Komar fast missile boats that are also from the Soviet Union due to their age and difficulty in obtaining spare parts.

Armament and Torpedo Launchers and Two Automatic Cannons

Torpedo Launches from P-6 Class Fast Torpedo Boats (wikipedia/Russian armed forum)

As a vessel used for anti-submarine warfare and light surface attack, the P-6 class torpedo boats have several weapons and weapon systems that were muscular for their time. The ship has 2,533 torpedo launcher tubes and 8 depth charges for anti-submarine warfare. As for the surface weapon system, the ship has 2 units of 2M-3 25 mm automatic cannons.

The ship has a crew of 14 and is equipped with a Soviet-made radar system. The ship, powered by 4 diesel engine units, is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 43 knots or 80 km/h. With its travel range of approximately 1,900 km. of course the sailing distance is quite far for a ship of small size.

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