F1 will never go electric

F1 will never go electric

Although the automotive world is turning to electrification, Formula 1 makes it clear that its cars will not only be electric. This was said by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, who noted that F1 will achieve its goal of carbon neutrality through sustainable synthetic fuels.

The game will never use electricity. The key to making the sport clean is not electric motors, but clean, zero-emission fuels that are currently being developed and will be used from the 2026 season onwards.

F1 is working with Aramco and all F1 fuel manufacturers to develop a 100% sustainable fuel, which will be used by F1 cars from 2026, when regulations for the next generation of power units come into force.

The vision of Formula 1 is that in the future its fuel will come to the market for electric cars. Domenicali said synthetic fuels could help achieve zero emissions without having to “Throw in a whole bunch of cars that already exist“.

It is a fuel that can also be used for airplanes and ships. Zero emissions can be achieved without changing engines or scrapping the entire existing vehicle fleet.

Politics doesn’t go well because it sets impossible goals. And especially in an ideological way: electricity has become an undisputed doctrine. [Είναι λάθος να πιστεύουμε] that there is only one way of energy transfer.

How can a pensioner be forced to spend 30 or 40 thousand euros, maybe all of his savings, because his old car is suddenly outlawed and an electric car has to pass?

Domenicali added.