F1: Two technical arrivals from Red Bull to Ferrari

F1: Two technical arrivals from Red Bull to Ferrari

THE Ferrari he had a difficult race for the second year in a row in Monaco. However, there are other things that the Italian team has reason to be optimistic about. Far from great pack improvements which is expected to be delivered at Spanish GP this weekend, in Maranello two technicians started working which came from his team Red Bull.

One of them is American David Georgewho moved from engines to aerodynamics and also has experience in Racing NASCAR and IndyCar of his country. It is reported that George was one of the key figures in its revival Honda after his ill-fated association with McLaren.

The American ended the period in which he had to be inactive due to the terms of his contract with Red Bull and joined the Maranello team, with another in the past an aeronautical expert of the Champion team.

It is also reported that the chairman of Ferrari was also involved, John Elkannnow in the Monaco GP, up conversation of the Scuderia and Red Bull for the speedy release of technicians who will be transferred to Maranello, instead of the release of Laurent Mekieswho will take the role of the head of his team AlphaTauri.

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