F1-GP Monaco FP2: Max Verstappen leads

F1-GP Monaco FP2: Max Verstappen leads

THE Max Verstappen managed to get a better configuration than FP1 for Red Bullwhich allowed him to set the fastest time of his second free practice session GP Monacoand the right difference 65 mm of the so-called for Charles Leclerc with a Ferrari. The Monegasque complained over the radio from SF-23 after his first attempt on soft rubber.

Only a tenth of an hour behind Verstappen was found Carlos Sainzwho, however, 18 minutes before the end of the procedure, hit the obstacles on the inside of Pisina’s second chicane, causing the front right steering wheel to break. Ferrari ended up in the barriers, challenging him holiday of FP2 with a red flag, in an incident reminiscent of Leclerc’s crash in the 2021 qualifiers. Sainz crashed – more easily – at the same place at the start of FP1, and escaped.

One tenth behind his compatriot, in 3rd place, was o Fernando Alonso together with Aston Martin, who would have moved faster if he hadn’t encountered a slow combination in the final sector in one of his last-minute attempts. The amazing moment was recorded by Lando Norris together with McLaren to be in 5th place. However, the Briton ran into trouble in the final stages of the process.

Norris was found half a tenth of dl. in front of him Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, in turn half d. behind Verstappen. The 7-time British champion was placed ahead of Sergio Perez and the second Red Bull, behind which was found o Valtteri Bottas with Alfa Romeo. The top ten was completed by two of his drivers Alpine for Pierre Gas in front of him Esteban Okoni.

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O Walking the Lance (Aston Martin) was 11th, ahead of George Russellwhere he struggled again with Mercedes. In the opening minutes of the trial, Sainz almost fell to Leclerc. Later, Perez stopped Sainz when he cut out of the pit after the tunnel to avoid Hulkenberg, but in the path of the speeding Spaniard.

At the same time, Russell pass him Alonso cut the chicane, and the Spaniard of Aston Martin was quick to comment that this is prohibited. Just before Sainz raised the red flag, Yuki Tsunoda he had hit the barriers in the chicane after the tunnel (like Hulkenberg in the morning), damaged the rim, and caused one of his tires to fail. AlphaTauri of the Japanese.

H Williams he had to replace the transmission, spoilers and drop the suspension on his car Alex Albon, following his crash from FP1. The Thai entered the field for the last 10 minutes and ended up in last place.

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