F1-GP Monaco FP1: Carlos Sainz fastest

F1-GP Monaco FP1: Carlos Sainz fastest

THE Carlos Sainz set the fastest time in the opening free practice session of the Monaco GP with Ferrari. The Spaniard moved 0.338 mm. of what is known from its citizens, Fernando Alonso, with an Aston Martin. In consideration competition his SF-23 in qualifying trials, h Ferrari has a big hope for GP Monacowhere pole position it is very much important to win, because it is almost impossible to pass him.

THE Sainz he was faster than he already was to touch theirs restrictions at the Pisina chicane before the first 10 minutes were up. THE Ferrari was the only group that chose to do so start free trials and its meaning put eraser tires, while almost all other teams, apart from Lando Norris and McLaren, tried to remove the hardball set. Almost all drivers used the medium tire for the second half of FP1.

THE Charles Lelcerc he failed to threaten his Ferrari teammate, as it was forced for give up one too many quickly effort shortly before it red flag where to finish ahead of time of procedure. Thus, the Monegasque, following his first victory in his hometown, ended up in 5th place.

Due to its good performance Aston Martin in slowly shiftThe Monaco GP is a race he has set his sights on Fernando Alonso, who was fastest in FP1. mate, Lance Take a walkhe made a hard stop on the outside barrier in the final turn midway through the process, but reported that his car was undamaged.

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The top three was completed by Lewis Hamilton and improved Mercedes. The German team presented improvements to its car, and the most obvious new form of it covers of fridgewhich follows more the school of other groups, but for clearly compromise, since the team could not fix the system. The most important changes, however, are found inside the floor of the car, including geometry changes in ahead suspensionto fully prevent the front part from sinking under braking, with the aim of keeping the aerodynamic platform more stable in relation to the ground.

Hamilton was very fast, unlike his colleague, George Russellwhere he struggled and the character of W14 and came 15th place. Russell reported that he had difficulty braking and then not being able to get the tires to work, with the rear very weak and slippery.

His two drivers were in 4th and 6th place Red Bullfor Sergio Perez be faster than him Max Verstappen. In the first 10 minutes, the Dutch Champion did enough complaints for wireless. On the clutch exiting the pits, he reported that the Red Bull was touching the ground too much and said it was very difficult to control the car in the fast sections. Finally, he asked to enter the pits, warning that he was in danger of hitting the barriers with the setup he had at the beginning.

After his visit to the pits, Verstappen (now on a medium tyre) reported that the behavior of the rear had improved, but the reaction to the unevenness of the track remained the same. However, his response Gianpiero Lambiase (Dutch race engineer) was that he would have to wait it out FP2 for the biggest change which would clean up the behavior of the RB19.

More changes were implemented in a short period of time red flag in the middle of the process. The next time he played a song, o Verstappen he was forced to pass the second pool chicane and announce it despair mine sign and movement of head inside the cockpit.

H Red Bull it estimates that Monaco it could be the hardest song of the year for his car, as there are no long queues with it DRSwhere the RB19 gets a lot of time in the qualifying tests, which is important on the main roads.

In the 7th place was O Lando Norris and McLaren, in front of Esteban Ocon and Alpine, which at 50th Grand Prix of and this name, time Haas of 150. THE Nico Hulkenberg he didn’t get off to a good start on his return to Monaco when he hit the left rear barrier at the chicane after the tunnel, to destroy of edge and a tire in the 35th minute of FP1.

Shortly before the middle of the process o Logan Sergeant he said that he felt that a from behind wheels it was not broken properly and slowly returned to the pits, but again entered the track. Fellow Williams, Alex Albondespite finishing in the top ten, he brought proceedings to an early finish minutes before the end when he lost the rear end on the exit of Turn 1 (St. Devote) and hit the barriers, to destroy theirs publications his the left side.

THE Alpine put the second battery and electrical unit control in his cars, while Alfa Romeo (and Haas for Kevin Magnussen) placed second MGU-K in his cars, and Guanyu Zhou receive a new one MGU-H and turbo.

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