F1: Extending the application deadline for new entries

F1: Extending the application deadline for new entries

Formula 1 has announced the extension of the application deadline for new championship entries from 2025 to 2027. Which teams are in the running?

The search for new entries in the future Formula 1 championship had already started in February under the supervision of the FIA ​​president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The federation and its head were positive about the idea of ​​one or more new teams on the national grid. instead of team and Liberty Media did not share that enthusiasm while fearing a decrease in the revenue share of the league.

The application deadline was set April 30, the day of the match in Azerbaijan. In addition, FIA and F1 had set the announcement of the result of the procedure on June 30, 2023.

However it was known to be the first deadline extended to May 15. So, those who want to be registered for his leagues 2025, 2026 or 2027 they should have submitted their participation files within the next two weeks.

The process is easy when each candidate has to pay and parabola of 20 thousand dollars and prayer. Logically, the FIA ​​will also extend the date of announcement of the results. However, there is still no information about this.

Three selections

The worst new candidacy is, of course, his Andretti-Cadillac. The two parties announced their cooperation – with the help of Renault in the PU sector – already at the beginning of the year. In addition there is information about two other candidates groups.

One is Panthera Asia Team which aspires to be the first F1 team based in Asia. The business is backed by a billionaire businessman from Hong Kong, Calvin’s law.

Finally, there is the case of England Hitech GP which competes in almost… all subclasses of motor racing. There are strong rumors that Hitech intends to take great action at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Of course it is very possible no application to pass at the end Mainly because of him negative attitude which the 10 teams of the league have been showing for a while on that topic. In this case, the only way for new participation is access to one of the groups who are already participating.

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