F1, 2024 hopes: Red Bull pays more than Ferrari and Mercedes… together |  FP – Formula 1

F1, 2024 hopes: Red Bull pays more than Ferrari and Mercedes… together | FP – Formula 1

The registration fees for 2024, the FIA ​​will collect

Dear domain, how much does it cost me? Red Bull will open its wallet and will pay for the beauty of 7.4 million dollars to the International Federation to be able to register for the 2024 World Cup. This is an amount of 1.2 million more than what was paid for the 2023 registration, either due to inflation or due to the 101 more points obtained this season compared to 2022 (in fact, you pay a fixed fee and one ratio per point in the ranking).

Quota for 2024 (figures in dollars)

Red Bull: 7.445.816
Mercedes: 3.347.012
Ferrari: 3.327.288
McLaren: 2.643.747
Aston Martin: 2.498.836
Alpine: 1.446.838
Williams: 841.937
AlphaTauri: 822.214
Alfa Romeo: 763,035
Haas: 736.737

The Milton Keynes team, according to figures reported by Fast weekwill pay the FIA ​​an amount that is greater than what they will raise Ferrari e Mercedes: these last two, which arrived locked in the builder’s position, will give 3.3 million dollars. Ferrari “saved” a little more (about 20,000 dollars), which lost the opportunity to grab second place in the Constructors’ World Championship in Abu Dhabi.

Very close, as well as between the Builders, McLaren and Aston Martin, with the Woking team paying 2.6 million against Lawrence Stroll’s team’s 2.5. Haas brings back: more than 700 thousand dollars. For 2024, all ten teams will pay a base fee of $657,837. According to this year’s calculations, the defending champions pay $7,843 per point, while the other nine pay $6,575 per point. Accounts must be paid by December 10 and will bring $23 million to the International Federation’s coffers. Compared to 2022, Red Bull will pay 1.2 million more, while Ferrari – thanks to 148 fewer points – will save almost 700 thousand euros.