Eve continues testing and says she is “very satisfied” with eVTOL progress – 05/26/2023

Written by Gabriel Araujo

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Eve, which is controlled by Embraer, said on Friday it was “very pleased” with the progress of its electric plane as it continues to test its vertical take-off and landing (eVtol) vehicle.


With the goal of starting operations with the eVTOL in 2026, the company recently completed wind tunnel and wind tunnel tests.

“We are very satisfied with the progress of the program so far and it is going well,” Eve’s Vice President of Programs and Operations, Alice Altissimo, emphasizing the goal of creating a “mature aircraft” for certification and starting in 2026.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange in mid-2022, Hawa expects to complete the key selection of equipment suppliers in the first half and begin assembly of the first eVTOL prototype in the second half of this year, followed by a test campaign in 2024.

Alíssimo said that the company is finalizing the definition of the flight systems architecture, and new tests are aimed at increasing the reliability of the flight simulator and the “fly-by-wire” control system.

Among the recent tests is that of the propellant in a test environment, to analyze the aerodynamic performance and sound characteristics, and the beginning of the tests of the rotors for the vertical lift of the aircraft, according to the company.

Although production has yet to begin, Eve already has a backlog of approximately 2,800 eVTOL orders. United Airlines, SkyWest, Rolls-Royce, Thales and BAE Systems are among the investors in the project.