Evans was curious about other teams before signing with the Jaguars

Evans was curious about other teams before signing with the Jaguars

Mitch Evans said it was “natural” that he was “eager” to change teams in Formula E before deciding to stay at Jaguar Racing after speaking to manager Mark Webber about “loyalty”.

The pair signed a contract to race the Grand Prix winner with Jaguar during Gen3, ending speculation that he would move to Porsche in 2022.

Speaking to Ancan Motorsport.com, Evans added that he is “desperate” to move to other teams.

A 27-year-old New Zealand driver said “the sound of the drums is lovely from afar”.

“Athlete, the same rules apply if you are in motor sports or football. “You think the sound of a drum is beautiful from a distance.”

“Of course at some point I wanted to move to other teams, which is normal.”

“It’s normal to see what else is going on, to wonder if I’d fit in somewhere else.”

Evans continued: “If the performance wasn’t there, I would have looked further or maybe changed teams to move forward.”

“We don’t have a lot of resources compared to big manufacturers like Mercedes and Porsche.”

“However, I still think we have the best infrastructure and staff. I like our ideas and our staff.”

“If I move to another place, it may risk adapting to another brand or culture.”

Due to the global health crisis, Evans was unable to return to New Zealand and spent much of his first off-season living with Formula E driver Andre Lotterer.

Lottere is a factory driver for the Volkswagen Group and was involved in Audi and Porsche’s LMP1 programs before 2018. He then started Formula E with Porsche in 2020 and is in his 11th year with the brand.

Evans was asked if he spoke about the benefits of being loyal to Lotterer, and Evans instead mentioned former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber, who has been his manager since 2010.

“He was a Red Bull driver for years. He was at Porsche after that and he is still a member of the Porsche family.

“We talked about the length of this contract and he thinks it’s very important.”

“You can see the good in being honest.”

“There are always gaps because maybe you can rest a little too much, but at least you know what you have and what you’re in.”

Evans is now certain of his future at Jaguar Racing and the team no longer needs to keep the Gen3 development “secret”.

“They can be open, and I can be open to them. This is very important for the tests that will start in April.

“No surprise, there will be no new driver integration process either.”