Environmental Fine Art Performance (ENVIRONMENTAL ART) // Drawing Accompanied by Javanese Gemelan – Sabdanews

Environmental Fine Art Performance (ENVIRONMENTAL ART) // Drawing Accompanied by Javanese Gemelan – Sabdanews

GRESIK, SabdaNews.com- Collaboration between Gresik DAUN Studio and Tulungagung Padhang Njigglang Community (KOMPAN) Saturday, May 27, 2023, 15.30 WIB – was completed at Lotus Garden Jl. Hero Gg. 2 No.23, Kedungsingkal Hamlet, Ketanon, Kec. Kedungwaru, Tulungagung Province, East Java

AGENDA 1 🌟 Art Environment: DAUN Draws PRAJAMUDAKARANA, a contemporary art show with 30 paintings painted on coconut sprouts by DAUN children from the age of 2 from Gresik, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Depok and Jakarta.

🌟 Unique exhibition of paintings by young artist Cailyn Bachumaira (age 8), with 16 acrylic and gold powder paintings on canvas, the smallest size being 30×30 cm and the largest being 140×150 cm. 🌟 Mass sketch accompanied by Javanese gamelan, by DAUN Studio, KOMPAN and Esemkita Karawitan Group was shown once.

AGENDA 2 Sunday, May 28 2023, 07.00 WIB – finish 🌟 Planting of coconut shoots by children from Sanggar DAUN with KOMPAN 🌟 High art and live painting exhibition on canvas media

At Nglarap Beach, Tulungagung, Painting accompanied by gamelan was attended by 200 students of SMK and Padhang Njigglang Association (KOMPAN). In addition, the children of DAUN Studio showed a painting on coconut trunks at Lotus Garden Tulungagung, Saturday 27 May 2023:

Damara Azka Yudith (11 years)

Samurai Rajendriya brothers Jalu Al-ghifari Rahman (10 years) and Candice Jyotika Zue Aleeya Rahman (5 years), brothers Yohanes Muriellus Lionel Hariyadi (13 years) and Bernadette Jophiella Dominique Hariyadi (8 years), Glenys Cailyn Bachumaira (8 years ) and Alcander Jovin Bachshakeel (4 years).

This children’s art environment activity is part of a series of celebrations of the National Drawing Month 2023 which this year takes the main theme “The Joy of Drawing” at the same time from Aceh to Papua attended by more than 4,000 artists and 250 art communities and culture from all over Indonesia. . And for Sanggar DAUN this is the 7th event to be held by Sanggar DAUN during May 2023, namely 6 solo exhibitions and 1 stage of the art environment. Art Curator: Arik S. Wartono Art Writer: • Anang Prasetyo • Mayek Prayitno (Editor)