Enhancing Students’ Writing Skills, Ganjar Jambi Millennium Center Holds Journalism Training

TRIBUNJAMBI.COM, Jambi – Volunteers of the Ganjar Millennial Center (GMC) of Jambi collaborated with Imadika FKIP to organize journalism and delivery training for students in Mendalo Corner, Jambi Outer City District (Jaluko), Muaro Jambi, Friday (26/5/2023) .

The training activity named ‘Tuunde kwa Kuandika’ was attended by the students of Jambi City and Muaro Jambi.

Aulizar Rahman as the Regional Coordinator of Ganjar Jambi Millennium Center said this activity was very beneficial for the diligent students, because they were taught how to write news.

“Through this journalism training, it can increase the interest of millennials in reading and writing, especially reading and writing,” Aulizar Rahman said in his press release.

He added that the activity attended by students in the city of Jambi was apparently well received. This was evident from the participants who participated in the activity.

The reason is that, they need articles to eradicate false information, aka hoaxes.

The loyal followers of Ganjar Pranowo hope that with this journalistic activity the students can provide accurate information and fight the fraud that is currently prevalent in Indonesia.

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“What can be done today can be useful for students in the field of journalism. So this training can be useful when students are looking for information in the field,” he said.

Throughout the activity, students seemed eager to follow the material. They are taught how to write well according to the rules of journalism.

Kurnia, one of the participants admitted that she was very happy to participate in this Journalism training activity. He said this is an item for him and other friends to eradicate fake news.

“Thank you GMC Jambi for giving us the opportunity and conditions to eradicate manipulation. We will emphasize this responsibility in the minds of the millennials,” Kurnia said.

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