Electric Hummer tried to go off-road and failed miserably (video)

Electric Hummer tried to go off-road and failed miserably (video)

Many EVs have been tested on off-road courses and are famous for their reliability and durability compared to their MEK versions, as they do not have many moving parts, therefore. the probability of one of them “breaking” is very low.

Of course, this it does not mean that EVs are immune in everything, something the station’s announcer realized very quickly TFLoffroad inside of YouTubeduring a trip to the mountains of Moab, Utah and a GMC Hummer EV.

The station team was running it Hummer in one stone pathinside of Utah road park, when the electric car started flying… err. The first was about energy recovery system (one pedal car), which seemed to be unavailable. The second message referred to EV four-wheel drive system, which was also not available, prompting the driver to make an appointment for inspection and maintenance. Shortly after that, a third message warned the driver of the car slow down the car.

But this was not the first time this station dealt with me problems inHummer EV all-wheel drive. In his previous video, the car it stops responding to the gas pedal completelyand actually not on a mountain, but on a busy highway.

The driver was able to fix – at least temporarily – the problem, by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery of the electric truck, with the pedal returning to operation. Although the problem was solved, warnings and loss of four-wheel drive they stayed for the duration of the trip.

As she revealed, she received an email from him the next day Hummerwhich reported that there was one “an important problem in strength training,” and then all systems returned to normal.

Check out the Hummer EV… try to manage the mountains of Utah: