Electric Hummer If “Too Heavy” Hits Bad Range!

GM legend Hummermay be ushering in a new era with its electric models… But at least, according to a Car and Driver report, there are some traces that the old Hummer can’t leave behind.The Legend of DeLorean Returns with an Electric Car!The DeLorean, which became a popular car with its Back to the Future movies, seems to be making a comeback.

GMC’s new Hummer EV 4.110 kg to lose weight and “not very good-AI” 47 MPG efficiency seems to be among these tracks. Although EVs are generally heavier than internal combustion vehicles, the curb weight that GM reported to the EPA appears to be higher than normal. For comparison, the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD AT4 with the 6.6L diesel V8 weighs 3,201 kg.

GM flagship Model version 1 It says it has a maximum range of 530 km. Considering GM’s much-vaunted Ultium battery technology, we can say that this range is less than expected. And of course, the biggest culprit is weight. In addition, the cost of having more than 1,000 horses can be easily seen at this point.Microsoft Decided To Part Ways With Its Favorite Mascot Ninjacat!Microsoft is getting rid of Ninjacat, which has become a beloved public mascot, although it is not officially recognized.

Still, we can’t judge an electric car based on its range, and while the Hummer may seem inconvenient overall, it’s a powerful and capable off-road vehicle.