Electric cars of Polish parliamentarians.  The list starts with Dacia Spring and ends almost immediately

Electric cars of Polish parliamentarians. The list starts with Dacia Spring and ends almost immediately

Yesterday in Moto.pl, the editor Rafał did a good job and checked all 460 property declarations of the new MPs. In them, MPs advertise, among others: the cars they own (of course, also many other things, but we are very interested in cars). The full list can be found in the link below this paragraph. Today we decided to draw interesting facts for you. How many technicians do you think the MPs announced?

Electricity in the new Polish Sejm

This won’t be a very long list, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s one of the shortest lists in the history of our site. Unless we’re lost in the car, that’s two crazy cars. It is possible that it will also need a Jeep Avenger, but MP Jacek Świat did not specify which engine he has in his Jeep from Poland. In our market, the car is offered with a regular gasoline engine and an “e” version. MPs announced what electric cars?

  • Member of Parliament Piotr Borys from the Union of Citizens – Dacia Spring 2022 r. (in the statement he also mentioned Chevrolet Cruze from 2011 and Volvo XC90 from the same year)
  • Member of Parliament Artur Łącki from the Union of Citizens – Mercedes EQC 2020 (The MP has quite an impressive collection, along with the EQC, it includes the 2019 Range Rover, 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible and 2015 Infiniti Q50, an impressive list!).

As we can see, these are electric cars from two completely different worlds. The Dacia Spring is a small, budget electric car, and the Mercedes EQC is a premium car.

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Dacia Spring – what kind of car is it?

Dacia Spring is a compact SUV with a plug-in. Dacia Spring measures 3,734 mm in length, 1,579 mm in width overall, 1,516 mm in height and 2,423 in wheelbase. The trunk will hold from 290 to 620 liters. The current Polish Dacia electric price list starts at PLN 106,900.

The Dacia Spring engine has 45 HP and is not a speed demon. Spring accelerates to 100 km / h in 19.1 seconds and the maximum speed is 125 km / h. The range stated by Dacia is 230 km according to WLTP and 305 km according to WLTP City. The manufacturer likes to brag about this second value, and there is something to it. By increasing that speed, drivers are less likely to want to go on long trips outside the city.

Mercedes EQC – what kind of car is it?

Autokatalog.pl reports that the Polish starting price for the Mercedes EQC is now PLN 315,900, which is almost three times more than the Dacia. And we are not surprised by that. This is a great premium SUV. The EQC is 4,762 mm long, 2,096 mm wide with mirrors, 1,624 mm tall and has a 2,873 mm wheelbase. Interestingly, the Mercedes EQC was the first model of the new electric EQ family, which now includes several models from different groups.

Currently in Poland it is available in the 400 version with 4MATIC drive. This means as much as 408 HP of power and 760 Nm of maximum torque. Performance? 5.1 seconds to 100 km/h and 412 declared range according to WLTP.

We counted only two electric cars in the property resolutions of Polish parliamentarians. Is this surprising? Probably not true. Poland is still at the beginning of real electromobility. The latest Electric Counter of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association shows that there are 46,888 electric vehicles in Poland. This is still a drop in the ocean of the entire machine park on the Vistula River. However, in the next Sejm we can expect a large number of electricians. Their sales are growing rapidly. For ten months of 2023, their number increased by 18,912 units, or by 55%. more than in the same period of 2022. E-change probably to reach ul. Rural areas.