Economical to own and use

Economical to own and use

With a competitive price and the addition of a modern 1.5lt petrol engine, Jeep makes the Renegade one of the strongest players in the B-SUV segment.

The Jeep Renegade in its modern version has been on the road since 2014 in various versions and engines (because some people remember the Renegade name from the 70s as the name of a special edition Jeep CJ of that time). The modern Renegade has received a facelift and updates both outside and inside, while in its current form the addition of a 48-volt hybrid version, which the benjamin of the brand only moves electrically under certain conditions for better use and lower emissions, is inside. best interests.

The electric version of the Renegade uses the familiar hybrid system that we have already seen on the older brothers Compass and Alfa Romeo Tonale, with a 130PS turbo 1,500 petrol engine connected to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which includes a 48V motor output of 20 hp or 15kW, and drives the car to the front wheels. This system is a pioneering technology and allows the possibility of a unique electric movement of the vehicle at low speeds and under special conditions.

With a contemporary look and without losing its original Jeep character, the Renegade is square and sporty on the outside, reminiscent of the Wrangler. Its electric heat is confirmed by the letter “e” on the back, while in the Upland version of our test, as in the corresponding version of the Compass, the old Jeep slogan “There is only one Jeep” has been replaced by “There is one world. tu” (There is only one Earth), thus showing its ecological orientation.

The same eco philosophy continues equally in the interior as well. The seats – comfortable, soft and relaxing – that have a disco feel thanks to vinyl, are also embraced by SEAQUAL upholstery, a material made from recycled plastic that was once waste that polluted the sea.

The same philosophy can be seen in many cabins, since part of the plastic surfaces of the dashboard come from recycled car lights, while even the “MetaKrome” paint is environmentally friendly. All these important ecological details found in the corresponding versions of the Jeep models, as well as the four-wheel plug-in versions, show the brand’s efforts to contribute in its own way to the care of the planet, leaving behind the pollution of the past.

In addition to the above, the interior has a premium air and is of quality. The decoration also has a sporty feel, while the emphasis was placed on practicality and ergonomics. From a place to store small things, so that they do not move freely in the cabin, there are no complaints. The instrument panel with its 7-inch TFT screen combines analog functions with modern graphics, which display important information for the driver, such as battery operation and energy savings.

The central dashboard is dominated by an 8.4-inch touchscreen that houses Infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, navigation, entertainment, etc., while below it we finally see many buttons and switches for important functions. Balm in an era that wants everything to be done by touch which in practice means distraction and irritation for the driver when looking for basic functions, for example the air conditioner.

Despite its compact dimensions (length: 4,236mm, width: 1,805mm, height: 1,684mm), passenger space is good, even for those in the back, with the exception of the small middle seat. Therefore, in the case of three adult passengers, do not allow Bourusis to sit in the middle. Among the advantages is headroom, which contributes to the cabin being spacious, comfortable and pleasant, without feeling stuffy. Pleasant condition without complaints remains in the case of the luggage compartment which reaches 351lt, so not a single passenger will have to risk the things he will take on the trip. Note that with the rear seats folded the storage space reaches 1,297lt.

The driving position is high, so it also offers a very good view, while the many adjustments on the seat and steering wheel cater for many body types, so that everyone can have a comfortable driving position with high safety.

But let’s see, in theory and in practice, the advantages of the new line hybrid technology system, which differs from others on the market, and how much it really helps. As we have already said, this Renegade’s eco-friendly feature is supported by the 1.5lt four-cylinder GSE petrol engine, which was specially developed for hybrid systems and produces 130PS at 5,500rpm and 240Nm of torque at 1,500rpm. It uses a Miller cycle with a 350 bar high pressure injection system and variable intake and exhaust valve timing.

The turbo engine is combined with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, liquid type, and between it and the gearbox there is a 20PS electric motor. The smaller electric motor is replaced by a heat engine that has the triple duty of driving the generator starter depending on the event. The small 48V battery of the hybrid system has a capacity of 0.8kWh and weighs only 13.5kg, when placed on the floor between the front seats so as not to affect the center of gravity or the luggage compartment.

Despite the off-road nature of the brand and model, the city is the one that fits the Soldiers like a glove. In addition to the fact that the compact dimensions allow to move without problems in various difficult areas in the urban fabric, the hybrid technology system that is gentle is what opens its doors in the Ring thanks to 130gr/km of CO2. In combination with the above, the endless movement and stop-start every 5 meters is not the enemy of our daily life, but an ally due to the possibility of electrical movement at these speeds, as well as the possibility of recovering energy during deceleration. with or without braking.

At this time, we remind you that the hybrid system is self-sufficient. With these and others, on the trip computer we did not see the consumption increase more than 5.1lt/100km in these conditions… difficult traffic, while in mixed cycle and with normal driving, 5.7lt/100km which says the manufacturer came easily . It goes without saying that when the speed keeps going or the driving becomes difficult and reckless for the 1,420kg SUV, the punishment comes with increased use. However, even without careful driving, that figure hovered above 7.3lt/100km, a consumption that many would strive for in their daily lives.

We focused on the utility and benefits of this hybrid system, and left the Renegade’s comfortable and quiet on-road character to the rest. Behind the wheel of an American car, you enjoy driving in all conditions and environments. In the city you do not get tired, the suspension takes any kind of violation and you can go everywhere, since the height of the distance of 171mm from the ground is a life saver for what we have to face on the road. The ride is pleasant and comfortable, the ride quality is excellent and the cabin quiet, with no aerodynamic noise.

It may be a car that doesn’t light up the road with its performance, but the power is plenty when it’s needed, such as when passing safely. From a standstill it reaches 100km/100 in 9.7sec, while the top speed reaches 191km/h. The gear changes of the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox are smooth, although in some cases there is a delay in the changes, especially when the speed increases. On a twisty road, the Renegade rises to the occasion, given that it’s not a sports-oriented car.

A little body rotation appears when the steering becomes more intense, while at this speed the steering feel is average. When going off-road, the Renegade remembers its roots and takes us white-faced by roads and dirt, small and large stones, but also gravel or mud. It turns with full control and here the steering wheel does its job well as the speed increases. A height of 171mm from the ground helps to pass in the most difficult places. However, without exaggeration due to the absence of four wheels, as the e-hybrid only comes in a front-wheel drive version.

Does the Jeep do what it promises and sound really impressive? Our live-in with the Renegade e-Hybrid showed just how it does. The car starts electrically and silently, without the use of a heat engine, confirming Silent Start or e-Start. We found ourselves in heavy traffic many times and with stop-start it just moves electronically, giving realism to the Electronic Queue and happiness to our wallet, as we were going for free in this case. Unlike many hybrid technology models, the Renegade drives exclusively on electricity even at speeds above 20km/h, therefore without any burden on the environment.

In addition, it only moves electrically at low speed when we release the brake, the so-called e-Creeping, which happens rarely, but not all, since in this case the petrol engine sometimes works. Finally, e-Parking is not a good sales pitch, since in parking the final operating process is done exclusively by an electric motor. In all the above advantages, E-Boosting comes to complete the ecological and economic picture, in which the electric motor helps the heat engine to be more efficient, provided that the battery energy storage is sufficient.

The Jeep Renegade is an all-rounder with an ecological sensibility and… driving. And the most basic thing for a very competitive price that with the name, quality and what the B-SUV offers such a variety sounds unreal in today’s era with the prices of cars constantly rising.

The base price of the Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid Longitude starts at 28,300 euros and the Limited version from 30,300 euros with company hospitality including a four-year factory warranty or a 160,000 km warranty and 4 years of roadside assistance.