Due to lack of equipment, they are suspending the production of Nissan and Alaskan trucks – Notified after return – Notified after return.

Due to lack of equipment, they are suspending the production of Nissan and Alaskan trucks – Notified after return – Notified after return.

The Santa Isabel plant is disrupting truck production at least this Thursday and Friday due to a lack of equipment. From the Association of Metallurgists they hope that with Javier Milei “the situation will improve.”

Ramon Ramírez, treasurer of the Metallurgical Traders Association of Córdoba, told it. Chain 3 that “since April last year, payments abroad began to be limited” due to the lack of dollars.

Unstable weather in Cordoba

Heavy rain, including hail, surprised this Monday afternoon in Traslasierra. They crashed two vehicles, one in the Camino del Peregrino sector and the other in the Sitio Copina guesthouse area. Video.

The sale of tickets for the match will be next Thursday and the procedure will be announced by the official channels of the clubs.

A dangerous inmate who is serving a sentence stabbed another inmate to death in the past few hours in a cell at the San Luis Prison Building in Pampa de las Salinas.

Federico Ducler gave details about the court presentation they made, where they claim that the death certificate of the vice president’s father was forged. He preferred not to disclose details of the case.

The world champion coach spoke to former footballer Christian Vieri and told the situation he faced in January. “Once you relax, everything comes,” he said.

The fifth edition featuring “Mandamás” will be held on January 12 and 13 at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium. The grid is fed by artists such as Ulises Bueno, L-Gante and Callejero Fino, among others.

The emblematic cultural group will pay homage to the state’s first constitutional governor. It will be in Bustos Park, in cantata with free admission, Tuesday, November 28, 2023 from 7:30 pm

The meeting was held in the unique hall of Peña de Balderrama. The presentation was given by the elected mayor of Cosquín, Raúl Cardenali. Among other figures, Chaqueño Palavecino was present

This is an initiative of the United Foundation for Social Incusión (UPIS) that invites parties to submit their profiles to be part of a tourism project in Capilla del Monte.

The first time the existence of the work was known was in 1999, when the author read one of the stories at Casa América in Madrid and announced that it was part of a future book he was writing.

This was said by the director of the organization, Kristalina Georgieva, who in an interview gave an assurance that she can finance the country through the Resilience and Sustainability Fund.

It happens after the last meeting of the Commission on Prosecutions. They accuse the judges of “bad performance of their duties.” It will not be approved in the chamber because the quorum does not contain the required two-thirds.

The national official and the future Minister of the Interior met alone this Tuesday night at Casa Rosada. Both participated in the meeting of governors of the Justicialista Party.

The president-elect spoke with National Security advisers, Jake Sullivan, and Latin America, Juan González, and seemed “very satisfied.” Luis Caputo and Nicolás Posse spoke with representatives of the IMF and the Treasury.

They are Ofelia Roitman, Clara Marman, Gabriela Leimberg and Mia Leimberg. As of Monday, Hamas had released 50 Jewish prisoners under a deal with Israel, along with 19 from other nations.

The analyst told it Chain 3 that only in the mid-term parliamentary elections can the landscape of Milei’s era be defined. “Society decided on a system that was more divided than before,” he stressed.

“To think that in Argentina there are still those who talk about the independence of the Court and cannot lose their minds. “Mother!” said the vice president regarding the dismissal of the former president.

The decision of Chamber II of the highest criminal court in the country also concerned the former heads of AFI in his government, Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, and nine former agents of the organization.