DS7 E-Tense test: How to be the best among premium SUVs

DS7 E-Tense test: How to be the best among premium SUVs

About 12 years ago it emerged from the womb of Citroen DS brand, the luxury brand of the old French group PSA, which has recently been renamed the Stellantis group, which now has a total of 18 companies under its umbrella. This time the DS is designed for speed and order A type of independent models built on the basis of quality components.

It is a fact that the company’s models stand out for the comfort and luxury they offer. The French are targeting a group of its customers Audihe BMWhe JLR (Jaguar – Land Rover), of Volvo or even clairvoyant Mercedes-Benz unrestricted and confirmed with sufficient confidence.

It is certain that the larger DS models, such as of row 7 and 9they have nothing to envy from the corresponding models of the competition. Especially, in fact, the new DS7 series -is a descendant of the DS7 Crossback model family–, which is responsible for its position in the commercial category of A mid-sized SUV and now it has a version of 360 hp and with hybrid sealing technology with a low energy footprint as well as impressive performance.

The most powerful SUV of the Stellantis group

Among the French companies of the Stellantis group, the new DS7 in version E-Tense 360 ​​4×4 it is the most powerful SUV. It is also the version with the most distinctive handling characteristics in the model range where comfort is its trademark. And yet, despite the theoretical disagreement of these two criteria, The company’s most sporty SUV will be able to balance between the two. Even if 21 inch wheels and the low Michelin tires (245/35) do not leave much room for comfort, especially on bumpy roads.

DS7 E-Tense 4X4 360PS

Although an SUV, its natural environment is asphalt. Best of all, a regional network, where the user can enjoy high-speed driving in complete safety. The throttle is transferred to all four wheels, as one of the two electric motors the car has is on the rear axle. The feel from the steering wheel is generally good, but it doesn’t convey all the information from the front wheels, although it is precise and very quick.

Lateral attachment margins in sharp changes of direction or alternate turns at high speed, but the body shows certain oscillations due to inertial problems. On the other hand, Brakes rise to the occasion in performance and efficiency in constant use. Although the muffler is decent, some ambient noise from the large tires at high cruising speeds will be noticeable to drivers and passengers.

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