Driving Tips for Women to Stay Safe and Comfortable on the Road

Driving Tips for Women to Stay Safe and Comfortable on the Road

Currently, motorcycles are not only used by men, but women are also often found on the road. Be safe and comfortable, AutoRider motorcycle riding tips shared for female riders.

Women drivers must understand the potential dangers, train, and acquire the skills to drive on the highway. “Women who drive child (duck), matic, until gameyou have to consider several things, so that you are always safe on the road,” said Ludhy Kusuma, Head of Safety Driving Development Division of PT Daya Adicupta Motora (DAM).

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Here are some things that should be considered for women while driving:

1. Driving Equipment

Female riders must consider riding equipment such as helmets, jackets and gloves. The helmet serves to protect the jaw and rear brain in the event of a head collision. At the same time, the jacket is resistant to wind and reduces friction when it falls. Protection is important to help provide comfort to the side to hold.

2. Do not wear high heels

Choose the best shoes possible. It can use flat shoes or sports shoes. “Avoid wearing high shoes like wedges and the like. This will affect the balance in riding a motorcycle,” said Ludhy.

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3. Avoid Wearing Skirts

It is not recommended for women riding motorcycles wearing skirts. In addition, a tight skirt that can affect the leg span, especially when in a slow way where at any time the car can stop suddenly.

“If you have to wear a skirt, wear appropriate pants, then change your skirt in the nearest restroom,” he said.

Ludhy also appealed to women to always prepare for driving and pay attention to the traffic signals around them.