Driving Electric Cars, This is GM’s Strategy to Beat the Competition in the Market

Driving Electric Cars, This is GM’s Strategy to Beat the Competition in the Market

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – General Motors (GM) has ambitions to win the electric vehicle (EV) market competition. In addition to preparing at least 30 new models of electric vehicles by 2025, this American manufacturer is also increasing its financial commitment.

GM CEO Mary Barra said that the company increased its financial commitment to GM’s development of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles to $27 billion or about Rp.380 trillion, an increase of $20 billion compared to the original plan before the Covid pandemic -19.

“Climate change is real, and we want to be part of the solution by putting everyone in electric cars,” Mary Barra said in her official statement, quoted on Sunday (30/11/2020).

Right now, GM is in the process of moving into an electric portfolio from the power space and we’re focused on growth. GM can accelerate its electric vehicle plans as it quickly builds competitive advantages in batteries, software, vehicle integration, manufacturing and customer experience.

By 2025, GM will distribute 30 EVs worldwide, and more than two-thirds of these will be in North America. The all-electric model will be available on brands under GM, be it Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, and Buick.

GM has pioneered the cutting edge in electric vehicle battery technology with its practical and flexible Ultium battery. With the Ultium battery, GM’s upcoming electric vehicle can travel 450 miles or about 724.2 kilometers on a single full charge.

The Ultium already represents a major breakthrough in the electric field, and the battery pack costs about 40 percent less than that of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Despite this tragedy, GM’s work on EVs accelerated during the 2020s.

Now, just 8 months after the technology was first unveiled, GM projects that the second-generation Ultium pack, expected to be ready by the middle of the decade, will cost 60 percent less than batteries used today and double the energy density.

Beyond just technology and manufacturing investments, GM also recently hired 3,000 electrical systems, infotainment software and control engineers, as well as developers for Java, Android, iOS and other platforms.

GM continues to explore third-party licensing of the Ultium EV architecture, battery, and propulsion system, as well as the Honda-developed Hydrotec fuel cell technology.

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