In Spain, Martin Doubek entered both categories, namely EuroNascar PRO and EuroNascar 2. He took 15th place in qualifying for the prestigious EuroNascar PRO class, and then finished twelfth in the race itself. In the EuroNascar 2 group, he was eighth in the qualifying race, and after an impressive course in the final race, he finished in a respectable fifth place.

On the second day, the cavalry system is confused. So Doubek started in EuroNascar 2 from a promising fifth place, but soon a blow from his rival came and the front tire took it away. A fast car came onto the track, Martin managed to change the damaged wheel at the same time, the fighter started from the last place and in the end his efforts gave him the twelfth place.

Orion Racing Team at the Dalečín race.

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The last round of the weekend in Spain (second in EuroNascar PRO) was amazing, where Doubek started from 12th place and won himself. After several restarts, he fought his way up to second place in the final lap and crossed the finish line just a tenth of a second behind winner Franzouz Lasserre, also driving a Ford Mustang. In addition, he was awarded points for passing the most opponents during the race.

From the results – EuroNascar PRO – standings after race 1: 1. Lucas Lasserre (Fr.) 71 points, 2. Martin Doubek (Czech Republic) 643. Marc Goossens (Bel.) 63, 4. Anthony Kumpen (Bel.) 63, 5. Frédéric Gabillon (Fr.) 60.
EuroNascar 2 – standings after race 1: 1. Vladimiros Tziortzis (Cyp.) 80, 2. Alberto Naska Fontana (It.) 70, 3. Paul Jouffreau (Fr.) 68, 4. Gil Linster (Luc.) 66, 5. Patrick Schober (Austria) 63, … 7. Martin Doubek (Czech Republic) 57.

The European series continues in June at the famous British circuit Brands Hatch.