Dominos Pizza uses the Chevy Bolt for its pizza delivery fleet

Dominos Pizza uses the Chevy Bolt for its pizza delivery fleet

Jakarta (ANTARA) – In keeping with electric vehicles, Dominos Pizza will use more than 800 units of Chevrolet Bolts for their Pizza delivery fleet in the United States (USA).

CarsCoops reported Wednesday that Dominos Pizza will deliver 100 Chevy Bolts this month, with more units to be delivered starting in late 2023. At the end of the day, Dominos Pizza will have a fleet of 855 electric vehicles and become the largest in the United States. the market..

Domino’s said the decision to go electric stems from its long history of innovation in the pizza delivery space. The company also notes that the Bolt offers several advantages including zero emissions, advanced safety features and lower maintenance costs than conventional ICE vehicles.

Additionally, EVs like the Bolt allow the largest pizza company to avoid the financial impact of high fuel prices.

According to Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner, Domino’s has always been at the forefront of pizza delivery and electric delivery vehicles which makes sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve.

“We are committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we can begin to reduce our environmental impact, one shipment at a time,” he said.

He said that the affordable price, good driving characteristics, and 259 miles (417 km) range made this Chevy Bolt EV a reliable choice for Domino’s power supply.

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Translator: Chairul Rohman
Editor: Maria Rosari Dwi Putri