Does the Cruiser Scout Sixty Thunder Black Motorcycle Really Make Harley-Davidson Girls? Relax, Priced to Sell….

JAKARTA, DIO-TV.COM, Friday, 26 May 2023 – My favorite motoring friend is cool, the Scout Sixty Thunder Black cruiser motorcycle is considered capable of driving its rival, Harley-Davidson, crazy, because it has modern and attractive features.

A brand new cruiser motorcycle brand has been designed and developed by Indian Motorcycle, namely the Scout Sixty Thunder Black, which is very cool.

In engine specifications, the Scout Sixty Thunder Black cruiser motorcycle is powered by a V-twin type.

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Performance that reaches 1000 cc and can spit power up to 78 horsepower, so that the cruiser can drive at a steady speed.

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The maximum speed provided by the cruiser motorcycle is capable of reaching up to 175 km / h.

The Scout Sixty Thunder Black is enhanced with a stable combustion environment, creating an impressive driving experience for my favorite car fans.

Apart from that, the Scout Sixty Thunder Black is also enhanced with a telescopic suspension at the front and a single element at the rear, which is very stable.

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The rear of the cruiser motorcycle is supported by an LED taillight and integrated brake resistor.

This cruiser motorcycle product has a fuel tank capacity of only 12.5 liters which is really stable.

Based on this, the Scout Sixty Thunder Black in the European market is set at IDR 200 million, making it cheaper than Harley-Davidson.***