Do you remember the Fiat Regatta?  Much was criticized at that time but today the owner can sell it for a lot of money

Do you remember the Fiat Regatta? Much was criticized at that time but today the owner can sell it for a lot of money

The FIAT Regata has divided public opinion in the past, but now the historic model is ready to make its debut on the market.

There are many examples that have made the world glorious over the years FIAT, and the Turin company also created a sedan that has caused discussion. It’s about regatta, a model that aimed to be the flagship car of the Turin company, but in the end did not have much of the expected success.

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In the seven years it remained on the market, starting in 1983 and arriving in 1990, Regatta in fact it sold only 900 thousand units, numbers that certainly could not satisfy FIAT. The very first model was shown to the whole world in 1983 at the event Frankfurt Motor Show and the name was not accidental.

One of the great passions of the Agnelli family was sailing boats, so much so that year Bluethe boat that originally gave this name FIAT. In the end, it was decided to turn to Regatta, a name that in any case must remember the great passion of one of the most famous families in Italy towards the sea and boats.

The very first model that was launched on the market had a 1300 displacement engine and the possibility of delivering up to a maximum of 68 horses. That power gave him the opportunity to reach the top 155 km / h, and the passage from 0 to 100 km / h that was 13.5 seconds. The numbers weren’t exactly convincing, but 40 years have now passed since the first production of the Regatta. This gave him the opportunity to enter the world of grapes where everything is magical and interesting, and the market value has never been seen before.

FIAT Regatta: here’s how much it’s worth today

Going forward over the years, FIAT was able to significantly improve the production of regatta, especially about the engine. In fact, in 1987 a good station wagon was created with a 2000cc 4-cylinder diesel engine that could produce up to 65 horse power.

Historic FIAT Regatta car for sale
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In this way this variant reached the speed of 155 km / h, and consumption that was very low, with 16.5 kilometers that can be covered with just one liter. It did not improve acceleration, since it took 16 seconds to reach 100 km / h, but today one of these station wagon models can be bought in an Italian dealer.

In fact, you should stop Reggio Emilia, where you will have the opportunity to get your hands on this unique historic model that has covered 153,466 kilometers in its 36 years of life. It’s definitely a decent car as it’s still roadworthy, and the engine is still in good shape.

The model appears with a gray color on the outside, while on the inside the owner has chosen “Scottish clothing“. From the website it is possible to request financing for this unique model that can be purchased at a price of 25,000 Eurosa good compromise between a vintage car and a utility vehicle on the road.