Differentiated Advertising from Competitor Brands

It’s a fact that brands are in great competition with each other, and as consumers, we can sometimes witness an interesting fight. We have prepared a fun reference of competing brands for you.

Apple and Samsung; Many brands that exist in the same sector such as Mercedes, Audi and BMW are in intense competition with each other. While competing with each other, they are almost like each other in their promotions and other activities. “to refuse” There is a brand.

On the one hand, these daring moves by the brand as the competition heats upOn the other hand, it becomes fun for us users to watch.

For example; Samsung may have pissed off its rival Apple a bit with a commercial it published.

Again, a Samsung ad mocking Apple.

On the other hand, we can say that Apple has managed to turn the tide from Samsung in its favor.

Comparing Samsung’s iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 “doesn’t take a genius” titled ad, Apple compared the same product over the same ad image. “Don’t accept cheap plastic” He responded by writing.

Apple deals not only with Samsung but also with Microsoft.

Microsoft also does not neglect to talk about iPads by saying “less talk, more work”.

The advertising war in the automotive industry continues in a confusing way.

After Audi shouted “It’s your turn, BMW” on the billboard, BMW did not ignore this call and moved to a bigger poster. “check” He responds by hanging a placard written on it.

Mercedes, on the other hand, wisely celebrated the 100th anniversary of BMW and turned this situation to its advantage.

in advertising “Thanks for 100 years of competition. The last 30 years were a bit boring.” This Mercedes ad caught the attention of many people.

Like Mercedes, Audi celebrated BMW’s 100th anniversary in an ironic way.

in advertising “Audi wishes our little one well in the next 100 years” Celebrating 100 years of BMW with its message, Audi is one of the successful to use this situation to its advantage.

Jaguar, on the other hand, exacerbated the situation by responding to Mercedes’ ad with a very aggressive ad.

BMW, on the other hand, mocked Jaguar by delivering the message it wanted in a very simple move.

Subaru also did not neglect to send words to BMW and Audi for inaction.

“Congratulations to Audi and BMW who won the beauty contest. From the winner of the best international engine of 2006.” Subaru, which is making a strong case for BMW and Audi with its signature poster, is also one of those playing the game hard.

We can say that Audi rejects its competitors in a very aggressive tone with this announcement.

Made by an agency in Turkey “Accessories you can’t find at Audi” In these themed advertising campaigns, Audi uses its competitors’ consumers to differentiate itself. humiliating and humiliating he used language.

Does anyone remember? We witnessed the feud between these two rivals and the iconic Pepsi ad.

Coca-Cola’s response to the campaign called “Pepsi challenge”, which would later cause Coca-Cola to make a big mistake:

of Pepsi, “I took the Pepsi challenge” In response to their branded badges, Coca-Cola “I chose Coca-Cola over the Pepsi challenge” He used written badges.

Pepsi using Halloween to mock its rival was a clever response from the Coca-Cola line.

In the Pepsi ad “we wish you a scary Halloween” With this message, it was tried to be presented as if dressing like Coca-Cola is a scary thing.

Coca-Cola using the same image, “Everybody wants to be a hero” He delivered with his message and was able to save the situation with a simple but effective move.

Burger King, on the other hand, mocks its rival by turning into McDonald’s on Halloween.

Of course, McDonald’s has not been idle either. He must have managed to annoy his opponent with this announcement.

Saying “Eat like a king, not like a clown,” Burger King seems to have put McDonalds in a bit of a bind.

Now incorporated into our lives and perhaps it is very interesting to watch the controversy of these big brands that have become one of us.

Another time by trick, Which of these brands referred the most to their rivals, sometimes blaming each other through bold advertisements?


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