Day 1 with Alonso (Aston Martin), Sainz (Ferrari), Verstappen (Red Bull) and other drivers

Day 1 with Alonso (Aston Martin), Sainz (Ferrari), Verstappen (Red Bull) and other drivers

The new Visa Cash App RB car, the original Toro Rosso and AlphaTauri, with lines very similar to the original Red Bull RB19, the champion car of its ‘big brother’:

There it is, the new Red Bull RB20. The sensor panel used to perform the first aerodynamic tests does not allow us to clearly see the incredible creativity and innovation of Red Bull.

Max Verstappen enters the track with him Red Bull RB20, and his amazing car. Red Bull clearly dominated the first two years of the new regulations with its car concept, and all the teams have tried to copy the idea of ​​the Red Bull car of 2023… while Red Bull has been surprised by the pontoons reduced vertical entries At least, they remind. of the discarded Mercedes concept that gave Brackley so much trouble last year.

First round of Verstappen’s installation and sensor grill to see how the air works in the car.

The first to arrive on the railway were George Russell, who was first in line at the traffic lights. And Fernando Alonso has put himself behind him. The Englishman has come out with a sensational recipe. Behind him Williams are placed, and then the green car of the Stake F1 Team.

F1 2024 PRE-SEASON TESTING STARTS! The pit lane traffic light turns green and the first cars go onto the track. The first to leave, behind the traffic lights, is Russell, with Fernando Alonso close behind.

These are the drivers who ride today day 1 of the F1 2024 Bahrain test:

  • Red Bull Verstappen (all day)
  • Mercedes Russell (all day)
  • Ferrari Leclerc (morning) – Sainz (afternoon)
  • McLaren Piastri (morning) – Norris (afternoon)
  • Aston Martin Alonso (morning) – Walk (afternoon)
  • Alpine Ocon (morning) – Gasly (afternoon)
  • Williams Albon (morning) – Sergeant (afternoon)
  • Haas: Magnussen (all day)
  • Visa Cash App RB: Yuki Tsunoda (morning) and Daniel Ricciardo (afternoon)
  • Bet (Sauber): Valtteri Bottas (morning) and Guanyu Zhou (afternoon)

Preseason tests will be held from February 21 to 23, for three days divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon. Always with the same schedule: Out 8.00 to 13.00 the morning session is held by 13.00 to 17.00the afternoon session of this Bahrain F1 test.

Welcome to the 2024 Formula 1 pre-season test. Finally! After a long wait this winter, we can once again enjoy our greatest passion: F1. The year in Formula 1 begins with 3 days of pre-season testing, the only three days of testing that teams and drivers are allowed with their cars this year outside of authorized and limited filming days. Bring on the action!