Dave VanderWerp on Driving Heaviest Cars on Electric Lap 2024

Dave VanderWerp on Driving Heaviest Cars on Electric Lap 2024

When splitting the driving duties at this year’s Electric Circuit, test director Dave VanderWerp fielded three of the toughest entries. Although you might suspect that this was the worst case of short leaves, it is not.

Sit with me and deputy video editor Carlos Lago as we revisit and analyze the heat settings around the VIR Main Course in the Kia EV6 GT, BMW X5 M, and Lucid Air Sapphire Racing.

Preview for Hot Lap Comments!  Kia EV6 GT, BMW X5 M Competition, Lucid Air Sapphire

Unlike some EVs, Kia’s hottest, 576-hp EV6 GT, didn’t slow down during the 4.1-mile tax circuit, resulting in a top speed of 139 mph down the Front Straight. But it also has a terrible tendency to oversteer when turning. The BMW X5 M Competition scratched, scraped, and ate sideways on its way to the three-minute lap, making it the third fastest SUV ever to run, a time that hangs with more than a few sports cars.

Speaking of top speed, the Lucid Air Sapphire took full advantage of being the most powerful vehicle to enter the Electric Lap and the first with four-digit horsepower—making 1003 hp in its Hot Lap mode—by burning Straight Forward to a sound of 170.8 mph. That’s the fourth fastest ever, behind only three McLarens. But the impressive Sapphire is almost more than straight-line speed, and it holds the record for the fastest EV (by a wide margin, around 11 seconds) with four doors we’ve ever driven.

Header photo by Dave VanderWerp

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