Dacia has no intention of giving up on Euro NCAP terror.  “The customer must pay for everything” |  French.pl

Dacia has no intention of giving up on Euro NCAP terror. “The customer must pay for everything” | French.pl

Dacia has no intention of installing any more safety systems in its cars than required by current regulations. “The customer has to pay for everything. We will not take more money from him just to get a virtual star.”

The number of safety systems and driving assistants is starting to grow at an extraordinary pace. Some of them are useful and have become useful, such as cruise control or braking after detecting an obstacle, but others are just annoying and, above all, expensive. Loading more devices that can annoy the driver, such as a break reminder or detecting the alleged fatigue of the driver, increases the car bill.

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Dacia went to war with EURO NCAP and stopped caring about safety standards. It seems he is right, because customers vote with their wallets and the Sandero and Duster are among the most frequently purchased cars in Europe. EURO NCAP was criticized for “awarding” the Renault Zoe zero stars, but the car industry took it seriously and over time such behavior will have repercussions for the star awarding body.

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It’s time to put an end to more ideas that supposedly increase security. The car must be built in such a way as to be resistant to normal accidents, airbags must protect the driver and passengers, the automatic brake can be well evaluated – and that is enough, because if it continues like this, the car will warn. driver every minute – don’t think, don’t breathe, drive straight, focus … We’re going crazy.

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Which should not prevent you from offering such systems, but not forced, as only options. Whoever wants will pay. However, the presence of an electronic device should not be forced as it is done today. The Zoe is a very safe car, it had five stars in 2013. Today, EURO NCAP seems to be doing everything to become an unnecessary part of the market, trying to force manufacturers to take specific measures, leading to suspicions of acting on behalf of companies that invent equipment all this.\

Safety is required, but not at any price, especially since we, the drivers, have to pay the price. Dacia knows this and tries to manage its budget wisely. Ours.

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